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STUDENT’S COUNCIL - Swearing-In Ceremony 2018-19
‘The old order changeth, yielding place to new’-Lord Tennyson

The Student Council for the year 2018-19 formally took over from the previous Members at a solemn swearing-in ceremony on July 7 in the presence of parents, senior Vidyanians of Grades 9 to 12 and the staff. Everyone was eager to witness the change of guard as they wanted to get acquainted with the new office bearers. The wait had been long indeed as the Council was constituted after a week-long election-cum-selection process that included questionnaires, group discussions, interviews with teachers, campaign speeches and of course, the voting by peers.

The School Band escorted both the old and new Councils by turns to the venue for the outgoing members to hand over their sashes and badges to the new incumbents, thereby symbolically transferring the mantle of responsibility to their successors. In her address, outgoing Secretary General Nikita Rajan recalled the fact that it had only been a year since she was standing at the same place with big dreams for the school and thanked everyone for the cooperation extended to the Council. She also made the point that being in the Council was not about the badge but the responsibility it implied and stressed that “Being a good example is the only way to bring about a change and influence others.”

The completion of the exchange was followed by Academic Incharge Swaroopa K. administering the Oath of Office and thereafter, a speech by the new Secretary General Jay Maheshwari. Jay declared that the new Council would take ahead the initiatives launched by the previous Council and focus on improving the discipline, deportment and use of English as the medium of communication in the school. He also said that students are flag bearers of the institution and should do everything they can to keep the banner flying high. Addressing the gathering, Principal Dr. Archana Mishra appreciated the outgoing Council for their immense contribution. Further, congratulating the new Members, she urged them to display enthusiastic involvement in carrying out their duties and to continuously strive to bring about constructive changes in the daily life of the school.

The School Song brought the event to a befitting close with all Vidyanians giving voice to their love and loyalty towards the School through a shared vision of excellence and fulfilling individual potential. Congratulations to Student Council 2018-19 and all the best for the challenges ahead!.