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  Global validation of Vidyani ways

Navrachana Vidyani Vidyalaya was conferred with the Global Innovative School Award (GISA) 2019 on November 23 for ‘Innovation in Pedagogy’ at the GISA Gala event organised by BITS Pilani Dubai and Phyzok. It was a proud moment indeed when Principal Dr. Archana Mishra received the award from Prof. R.N. Saha (Director, BITS Pilani, and Dubai), thereby establishing conclusively that our many path breaking initiatives are in sync with global pedagogical trends!

  Leading the way in STEM

That Vidyanians are a cut above the rest was proved once again on February 29 when the teacher-student combo of ATL Trainer Shweta Mandal and Harsh Agarwal (XI Sc.) distinguished themselves in the National Science Day celebration at the Physical Research Laboratory (PRL), Ahmedabad. While Harsh bagged the 'Best Model Award' in the 'Learning Science with Fun' category, Ms. Mandal's paper on 'Bridging School Science with Industry through STEM' was one among the seven papers selected for presentation at the prestigious gathering that saw the presence of some of the best scientific brains from across India!

  Community leaders in the making

The LEAAD Awards is a unique leadership development program that emphasizes practical exposure over classroom learning and fosters the practical elements of leadership like team building, critical thinking, problem solving etc. Rachel Agarwal (VIIIB) claimed the ‘LEAAD Competence Award’ and a cash prize of Rs.5000 on January 21 for her project ‘Common Health Project 2019'. While Rachel received wide approbation for her project that aims to create health awareness among people and make health care affordable to all, Vama Pandya (IXA) too kept the Vidyani banner flying by being declared the 'Best Performer' for meticulously undertaking all the activities conducted in the LEAAD camp.

  Futuristic thinkers …

Science aficionados Darsh Kadakia and Poojan Tank (IXD) clinched the Runners-up Trophy and Rs.3000 in the 6th Science Exhibition and Quiz Competition organised by ITM (SLS) Baroda University on November 30. The duo’s 'Smart Car' working model boasted of many unique features that took them to the top in a field of over 100 teams in the fray! Innovation is certainly their element!

  Ingenious trailblazers!

Vidyani sciencophiles proved their mettle at the SciPoTech Competion organised by Podar World School on December 3 with Abdul Qadir (IXD) and Debdoot Manna's (IXB) model that converts heat energy to electrical energy winning in the Science Projects category and Dhruv Desai (XA) and Vedant Naik's (XB) 3D modelling netting the 1st Runners-up Trophy in the Technology group. Meanwhile, Darsh Kadakia and Poojan Tank's (IXD) prototype to provide personal and data safety to individuals also won the 2nd spot in the STEAM segment! Originality and creativity surely won the day for these Vidyanians!

  At the forefront of technology …

Darsh Kadakia and Poojan Tank (IXD) were crowned winners in the Nanu Bhai Amin Award for Innovative Science Exhibit organised by Community Science Center on January 18. Their project 'Security Suit' integrated features that enhance its user's safety and its cutting edge innovation won the awesome twosome the 1st spot in the Engineering category!

  Masters of the digi-world!

Vidyani cyber savvies stole the show at ‘CSI Student Convention Region III’ organized by the Faculty of Technology and Engineering, Charusat on January 24 when they made a clean sweep in all categories! The impressive roster read as follows: Quiz: The team of Vainavi Thakkar (VIIIA) and Rachel Agrawal (VIIIB) clinched the top spot and a cash prize of Rs.500. Debate: Shikhar Patel(VIIB) nabbed the 1st position and Rs.1000 while Khyati Adaki (XIA) received a cash prize of Rs.500 for coming in 2nd. C-Programing- Dhruv Thakkar (XIB) was the winner and was awarded Rs.1000 while Daksh Patel (XISc.) bagged the 2nd spot. HTML Coding- Sonalika Shah (XIA) grabbed the top spot and Rs.1000. Poster Presentation- Ved Amin (VIIB) secured the 2nd position and got Rs.500 as his prize. Dumb Charades- Parshava Parmar (VIIIB) was the winner and got a cash prize of Rs.1000 while Kriday Desai (VIIIB) got Rs.500 for being 2nd. The clean sweep clearly established that Vidyanians have aced this domain!

  Making a point for decluttering

Sciencophiles Darsh Kadakia and Abdul Patangwala (IXD) participated in the Children Innovation Festival, Ahmedabad. Their model, figured among the Top-30 Ideas and earned the pair the unique privilege of being felicitated by the Hon’ble Minister Shri Vijay Bhai Rupani at Sachivalay, Gandhinagar! A wonderful exposure indeed!!

  Making a point for decluttering

Dhun Navale (XIGen.) was one of the guest speakers at the TedEd Club event organised by Navrachana School Sama on December 6. She spoke eloquently on the topic 'How I cleaned up my room', a metaphor for the need to declutter one’s mind and its impact on the mental health of the individual. Dhun’s novel presentation captivated the audience which applauded her original take on an issue of great importance in present times! Four other Vidyanians, Pratham Vajifdar, Shreya Sehgal, Roohani Mangroliya and Dev Sonavane (XIGen.), too attended the session and thereby got the chance to listen to young speakers expounding on a wide range of topics, all close to their own concerns!

  Vidyanians soaring high.. School Toppers – Board Examination Result 2019
  NEET and JEE Advance 2019 – gateway to the medical world and the IITs

14 whizzes cleared the extremely challenging NEET– Mansi Sharma, Krima Choksi, Prashil Sharma, Divya Mandowara, Devarshi Pandya, Ishan Shah, Jyeshtha Shah, Zainab Dalal, Jainil Patwa, Alok Sant, Swara Bhatt, Krishita Wadhwani, Vaidehi Patel and Zainab Jiruwala – while 2 Vidyani engineers-to-be, Manav Bhagchandani and Aryan Kapadia, aced the JEE Advance!

Congratulations to all achievers for making their mark in academics on strength of their sustained hard work and never-say-quit attitude!

  Responsible tinkering!

The Navrachana Vidyani entry, BOAWST (‘Buoyancy Oil and Water Separator’), created by Daksh Patel and Dhairya Shah (11Sc.), secured its place in the Top 100 amongst 1400 schools from across India at the Atal Tinkering Innovation Marathon organised by Atal Innovation Mission, NITI Aayog! The Marathon’s focus was on identifying a problem and developing innovative solutions that focus on one of the 6 areas in alignment with the National Agenda of creating a New India by 2022. BOAWST aims to clean up water bodies for the benefit of marine life and is thus in line with the National Water Mission.

The prototype was first tested at ‘Harni Talav’ and then displayed before Deputy Commissioner S.K Patel. On September 13, the duo got the golden opportunity to exhibit their model in Delhi before Nobel Laureate Kailash Satyarthi (Nobel Peace Prize 2014), Mr. Ramanan Ramanath (Mission Director of Atal Innovation Mission) and Ms. Annika Hedas Falk (Vice President-Education, Nobel Prize Museum, Sweden) and her team. The icing on the cake is that Daksh and Dhairya have also got a 15-days’ internship opportunity with IBM!

  They rose to the challenge

Vidyanians were Champions in two out of three categories and First Runners-up in the third at the Inter-School competition “RISE 2019–Innovation & Design Thinking Programme for Sustainable Development”, organized by Navrachana School Sama on August 17.


Tithi Soni, Heta Rawat, Gabriel Mistry, Shreya Sehgal and Dhruti Upadhyaya (11Gen.) claimed the 1st position in the ‘Emotional Well-being and Mental Health’ segment with their project 'E=MC2' that highlighted emotional well-being as a key factor in ensuring sound mental health.


Accolades also poured in for Shaily Mulani (8A), Dhairya Kharadee (8B), Shyam Patel (8C), Pari Patel (8C) and Aayesha Kawrani (8B), who too clinched the top spot for their brainchild ‘Grand Re-Living’ under the ‘Social Upliftment and Community Betterment’ divison. Through this project, the students have not only opened up for the present generation a gift of simple but effective age-old remedies but have also enhanced the feeling of self-worth in our senior citizens by giving them a sense of pride in their mastery over traditional healing methods!


Keeping up with their comrades in the Vidyani victory spree, Shubham Singh(9C), Abdul Patangwala(9D), Pujan Tank(9D), Jia Haria(9C) and Darsh Kadakia (9D) featured as Runners-up in the ‘Scientific Innovation and Simplifying Daily Functioning’ category with their project ‘Trash into Cash’ that aimed at better waste management by collecting trash and converting it into something productive.

  Technology for society

Darsh Kadakia, Abdul Patangwala and Pujan Tank (9D) clinched the 2nd position for their 'Smart Traffic System' model while the 3rd spot was secured by Shubham Singh, Hrishikesh Parte and Jia Haria (9C) and Vidhyani Gandhi (9D) for their project 'Trash into Cash' at the 'Innovative Working Model' Inter-School competition organized by Navrachana University on September 1.

Venturing forth far beyond just books, education at Vidyani certainly combines innovativeness with social consciousness as well!!!

  Diplomats in the making!

Devanshi Thakkar (11Sci.) and Jitam Dhuvad (12Gen.) won the ‘Best Position Paper’ in the SPECPOL and ECOFIN committees respectively at the NIMUN-2019 (Navrachana International Model United Nation) event held over August 30 and 31.

NIMUN is an academic simulation of the UNO and aims to educate student delegates about current issues, international diplomacy and the UN agenda. Accordingly, Devanshi’s paper was commended for focussing on the agendas of 'Addressing the neo-colonial legacy' and 'South Sudan Migrant Crisis' issues while Jitam was lauded for expressing his views on twin issues of contemporary relevance, 'Global recessions and associated concerns ' and 'The menace of shadow economics'.
cap the day, it had also been a for our two delegates when they received their winners’ prizes from Vadodara District Commissioner Shalini Agarwal!

  Artistry in the kitchen!

Keya Shah (XISci.) secured the 3rd spot in a cooking competition organised by Ambuja Cement Ltd. at the Grand Mercure Vadodara Hotel on April 27th.The challenge was to prepare a healthy and non-fire dish and Keya's prize- winning 'Jain Moong Bhel' was roundly appreciated by the panel of judges led by Mrs. Nehaben Thakkar, cooking expert with Colors TV Gujarati.

  Honouring the trail blazer

Principal Dr. Archana Mishra attended the 11th Ed Leadership International Round Table Conference held from October 4 to 6 at the CMS World Unity Convention Centre, Lucknow. The event witnessed eminent educationists, policy makers, teachers and education leaders from over 20 countries deliberate extensively upon how to make a measurable difference in their respective education systems.

Significantly, our custodians, the Navrachana Education Society (NES), was widely acclaimed for providing visionary guidance to the educational institutions functioning under its aegis. Further, to make the Conference even more memorable for us, our Principal was felicitated with the ‘Innovation in Process Fellowship Award’ for her ground-breaking practices in both curriculum transaction and management of daily school life!

Congratulations to Dr. Archana Mishra on being conferred with this coveted award!

  Creating a STEM mindset

ATL Trainer Shweta Mandal was one of the paper presenters at the 9th National Teachers Science Congress (NTSC), an initiative of the Department of Science & Technology, Govt. of India. Hosted by the Vikram Sarabhai Community Science Centre, Ahmedabad, from Dec 14 to 16, NTSC provided a platform to science and mathematics teachers to communicate their ideas, share new experiments in teaching methodology and science education and enhance their level of scientific awareness.

This event thus enabled our trainer to present her innovative and original ideas in her paper, ‘Building Blocks of STEM Education’, amongst likeminded educators who share her enthusiasm towards adopting novel trends and practices in the teaching of Science!

  A success story at DFC 'I Can' School Challenge 2018

Design for Change (DFC) is a global movement that gives children a platform to express their ideas for a better world and put them into action in the present. The core focus of the DFC Framework is to understand a problem from the multiple perspectives of all the people involved. Children then ideate, design and implement solutions, incorporating insights from their understanding of the needs of stakeholders.

Once again, Navrachana Vidyani made its presence felt at the competition with 2 of its stories- LOTUS (Low-cost Organiser Tracking Useful Solar-energy) and Carbon Crusaders- figuring amongst the top 100 most inspiring Stories of Change out of more than 1600 entries from across India! The LOTUS story also won the 'Brightest Idea' Award carrying a grant of RS. 25,000/ for the school "to further scale their story of change" and will be published in a special edition book, 'I CAN STORIES OF REAL SUPERHEROES', to be distributed nationwide! While the Carbon Crusaders (Jay Maheshwari-XII Gen., Mrunalee Chitaliya-XII Sc., Zalak Rewar-XI Sc., Thiya Chaudhuri and Yashvi Shah-XI Gen.)went about popularising the concept of vertical gardening to increase green cover in space-strapped cityscapes and spread the word on the need to reduce our carbon footprint, the LOTUS team ( Devasya Rajput-IXD, Vedant Naik-IXA, Dhruv Desai-IXA and Priyanshu Joshi-IXC) made a unique solar tracker with a built-in rain sensor to increase the efficiency of its solar panels.

Truly, Design Thinking in practice and imbibing crucial 21st Century Skills of collaboration, critical thinking, creativity and empathy are the positive fall-outs of the ‘I CAN’ mindset in Vidyanians!

  Leaders of the future

Navrachana Vidyani secured the 'School Excellence Runner-up Award’, Siddhesh Kaimal (VIII B) won the 'Excellence Award' and Nirvi Patel (VIII B) clinched the 'Competence Award' at the 6th LEAAD Awards Gujarat 2018 held on December 22!

The Foundation for Capability Building’s LEAAD (Leadership Enrichment for Adolescents through Assessment & Development) Mission encourages students to take up action projects that usher in change, thereby enhancing their ethical leadership capability. While Siddhesh was awarded a Trophy and Rs.11,000- for his conservation project aimed at convincing people about the urgent need to car pool, Nirvi's awareness campaign on the government's MA Card initiative won her a Trophy and Rs.5000-!

Hats off to our aspiring leaders who are real agents of change in spite of their tender years!

  High above others

Kosmica Rughwani (presently in XI Sc.) was felicitated by the Maharaja Sayajirao Gaekwad Smarak Trust Vadodara for scoring the highest marks amongst girls in Vadodara District in the Class X Board Exams (2018)! She received a citation and Rs. 5000/ in recognition of her extraordinary achievement at the awards function organized on March 10. Kosmica has indeed raised the bar and we wish her many more such successes in the future too!

  Creating magic with numbers!

Mathlathon is an online Math Olympiad conducted thrice in a year for Classes III to X with students being tested on their conceptual, analytical and quantitative skills. In its latest round, Navrachana Vidyani won the trophy for maximum participation with 2100 plus Vidyanians contesting against 11,000 plus students from 300 plus schools across 6 countries taking part in the 5th Edition Tri-Series Global Math Olympiad! Also, Math wizard Dhruv Desai (IX A) stole the show by not only being the top scorer in two of the Tri-Series but also took the least time to finish the challenge!

  Cyberia 2018: unleashing the geek within

MS University’s ‘Cyberia’, organized from October 4 to 6, served as an arena for young IT enthusiasts to showcase their technical acumen and compete with like-minded peers. While Manav Shah’s (X A) eloquent spoken skills helped him to bag the 1st position in ‘Extempore’, our talented shutter bug, Hitharth Maliwad (IX C), came in2nd in the digital photography competition ‘Magnum Focus’.

  National Children's Science Congress (NCSC)

Scienceophiles Shubham Duggad and Shwet Punjabi (VII C) evidenced their inclination for science with their project ‘Sustainable Health and Hygiene for Vadodara’(under the theme Science, Technology and Innovation for a Clean, Green and Healthy India') being selected for the State Level round at NCSC-2018 organised by the Gujarat Council of Science and Technology on October13.

Shubham Duggad(Left), Shwet Punjabi (Right)
  Our innovators do it again at the Makeathon

ATL innovators, Darsh Kadakia and Abdulqadir Patangwaala (VIII D) did us proud at the Avishkaar Makeathon Grand Finale held in Delhi over December 15 and 16. Their ground breaking project, 'Smart Car with unique features’, like alcohol detection with engine lock and an ultrasonic sensor based spare headlight, not only secured the 2nd Runners-up position but also won the 'Most Popular Project' award!

The Makeathon, organised by Avishkaar box (an EdTech company), was a celebration of science and technology wherein students showcased their dream ideas that also solve real world problems. In all, 3 Navrachana Vidyani ATL projects figured amongst the Top 75 selected for the National Level Grand Finale!

A real good job indeed by our avant gardists!

  Smart thinkers

Darsh Kadakia and Abdulqadir Patangwaala (VIII D) kept the winning streak going by clinching the 3rd position in the Nanubhai Amin Award for Innovative Science Exhibit 2018-19 for their ‘Smart Traffic System’ model. The duo's smart toll tax system, speed breaker to generate energy and smart parking system besides ensuring their place in the prize winners' roster, also won for them a cash prize of Rs. 3000 each!

Original and creative thinking certainly had its positive fall-outs for the two neoterics!

  Celebrating a scientific temperament

Institute of Plasma Research (IPR), Gandhinagar, celebrated National Science Day over February 2 and 3 by organising various competitions around the theme 'Role of Science and Technology in Modern Transportation'. The event saw Vidyanian Akshi Prajapati (XI B) showcase her artistic mastery and ingenuity to claim the 1st place in the Poster Painting Competition by securing the maximum number of votes, including those of IPR staff members! Akshi’s interpretation of the assigned theme revealed her vision of an eco-friendly future while further good tidings came in the form of Darsh Kadakia (VIII D) and Siddhesh Kaimal (VIII B) clinching the 2nd position in Model Making for their 'Smart Car' model which boasts of many novel features!

The wins certainly testified to the trio’s ecological sensitivity and futuristic vision of science!

  Trophies abound at SciPoTech 2018

Vidyani model makers and technocrats blazed their way to the top in the SciPoTech Science and Technology Exhibition organised by the Podar Schools!

On October 26, Dhruv Desai and Vedant Naik-IX A emerged as winners in the Technology category (3D Modelling), Priyanshu Joshi-IX C and Devasya Rajput-IX D clinched the 2nd spot in the STEAM segment (Smart Helmet) while Dhun Navale-XB and Nidhi Shah-X A secured the 3rd spot in the Science group (Perpetual Fountain).

The following day, the Junior Vidyanians too proved their mettle with Darsh Kadakia-VIII D and Siddhesh Kaimal-VIII B coming out tops in the STEAM category (Smart Car) and Manan Patel-VI C and Sneh Shah- VI D winning the 1st position in the Technology league (Online Doodling).

Congratulations to our boffins for this sterling performance!

  Science enthusiasts in action

At the Inter-School Reliance Science Quiz 2018 held on December 6, Vidyani quizzers Krima Choksi (XII Sc.) and Vedant Naik (IX A) exhibited logic and scientific and technical perspicacity to nab the First Runners up position in the Senior category.

A pat on the back to the duo for retaining a cool head and doing some really quick thinking!

  And our scientists do it again at ITM

On December 15, the trumpet sounded twice for the Vidyani teams at ITM Universe's Science Exhibition competition in the Static Model category!

While their model, 'Elimination to environment addition', gave a leading edge to Dhun Navale (X B ), Manav Shah (X A) and Nidhi Shah (X A) and took them to the top of the table, Prachi Patel, Kavan Desai and Aarav Bhuta (IX C) too won the Consolation Prize for their model 'Smart city with all modern and eco-friendly devices'!

Congratulations to the champs for returning with a trophy and a kitty of Rs. 5000 for their display of inventive thinking!

  A smart move by our social scientists

The combination of Darsh Kadakia (VIII D) and Siddhesh Kaimal (VIII B) had earlier proved that they were certainly no pushovers in the social science arena too! The two well-informed Vidyanians participated in ‘The Social Science Project Competition’ organized by Rotary Baroda Metro in association with SOCLEEN on December 8 wherein their ‘Smart Car’ project won the 3rd place for their original take on the assigned theme, ‘Smart Traffic: Practical Solutions’.

  Whiz kids on the block …

September 8, Navrachana Vidyani students Darsh Kadakia(8D), Vedant Naik (9A) and Prerna Griglani (10 C) participated in the Science Quiz Competition (Junior Category) organized by Zenith School.

With 10 schools battling it out the Vidyanians’ logical and accurate answers bolstered them to acquire the 1st Runners up position.

Congratulations team for a job well done!

  You'll do great!!
  Smit Patel (12 General- Batch of 2017-18) has secured admission in the Computer Science undergraduate course offered by the University of Victoria, Canada, purely on merit basis. What makes his achievement even more special is the fact that Smit is visually impaired but simply refuses to be restrained by his physical circumstances! Truly, Smit embodies the Navrachana Vidyani motto of 'Transforming Potentiality into Reality' and we wish him all the best for the road ahead as he leaves for Canada.
  Inter-School Math-Science Exhibition

Daksh Patel and Dhairya Shah (X C) won the 1st position at the Zonal Level for their innovative project ‘Oil-Water Separator’ in the ‘Waste Management’ category at this competition hosted by Bright School on September20.

The event, organised by the Gujarat Council of Educational Research and Training (GCERT) in association with District Institute of Education and Training (DIET), saw 40 schools exhibiting 69 models in all. The Navrachana Vidyani project won the day as it addresses the crucial issue of the threat to marine life from oil spills in water bodies.

A good job indeed by our two environmental crusaders!


The Inter School Science Model Making Competition, which was jointly organised by Bal Bhavan and Fundoo Labs Creative Learning on August 10, saw Team Vidyani–Juniors (Debdoot Manna-VIII B, Hrishikesh Parte- VIII Cand Darsh Kadakia-VIII D) race past the other teams to emerge as Second Runners-up.

After choosing the concept of 'Electricity ', the skilled technocrats worked on their innovative project, 'Pocket Socket', and made a portable USB charger. The aim was to devise a device that is not only user-friendly but which can also be carried around easily, thus making it 'pocket-friendly' too! In a world where technology and innovation is of prime importance in taking our nation forward, experiences like these are invaluable in instilling a scientific temper in our students.

  Finance is their forte

Financial literacy is a core life skill that focuses on knowledge, behaviour and attitude required to make responsible money management decisions and the National Financial Literacy Assessment Test (NFLAT), conducted by the National Centre for Financial Education, is an exam that aims to measure the level of financial literacy among school students.

Devanshi Thakkar (IX D), Darshit Desai (X C) and Sparsh Shah (X C) proved their financial acumen to secure ‘Certificate(s) of Outstanding Performance’ in the Test.

  Computer whizkids on the block!

Vidyanians scored high in the 14thInternational Informatics Olympiad (iiO- Level-2) which assesses the competency of students in Computer Science. It is conducted by the Silverzone Foundation, an NGO that aims to promote competitive awareness of academics in school children in India and abroad by conducting such tests in over 9000 schools in 14 countries.

  Indian International Model United Nations (IIMUN) 2017-18

Shutterbug Harsh Shah’s (XI Gen.) exceptional camera work made him stand out in the International Press Committee and clinch the title of ' Best Cinematographer' at IIMUN-Vadodara.

Congratulations Harsh for communicating the spirit of the event so skillfully by capturing all the high points across three days, from August 3 to 5. You can truly let your camera speak out loud!

  Coming out tops again

Ex-Vidyanian Param Doshi secured AIR-37 in the CA Final to prove that excelling has become a habit with him!

Wishing Param similar success in professional life too!

  A future in Architecture

Aruvi Dave attained All Gujarat Rank-1 in the Admission Council for Professional Courses’ merit list for admission into Architecture! Aruvi’s feat enabled her to choose from a range of reputed institutions both within the state and at the national level too!

  JEE Advance and NEET 2018 – portal to the IITs and the medical world

8 Vidyanian brainiacs trumped the extremely challenging JEE Advance, the qualifying entrance examination for admission into the coveted IITs- Anand Brahmbhatt, Saumya Shah, Vishwa Shah, Purva Parmar, Dhruv Patel, Badal Parmar, Kalp Shah and Vidhi Desai.

Another 11 budding medicos aced the gruelling NEET examination to mark their entry into the medical world –Dhayani Oza, Riddhi Shukla, Yuvraj Singh, Prince Rajput, Akanksha Bhojwani, Rutu Kachhadia, Zeel Patel, Ujjwal Dutta, Vishwa Shah and Khushi Sonawane.

  KVPY Fellow: a bent for all things scientific!

Anand Brahmbhatt(XII Sc.) was selected for the prestigious Kishore Vaigyanik Protsahan Yojna (KVPY) fellowship!

The KVPY is an on-going National Program of Fellowship in Basic Sciences, initiated and funded by the Dept. of Science and Technology, Govt. of India, to attract students with talent and aptitude for research and help them realize their academic potential.

  Progressive Pioneers!
  Navrachana Vidyani's team comprising Pushkar Kadam, Daksh Patel and Dhairya Shah of Grade IX stood first in Model Making at the Nanubhai Amin Award for Innovative Science Exhibit,2017, organized by Community Science Centre. Team Vidyani, with their cutting edge project on 'oil and water separator' aimed at saving the aquatic species, was high above the other 40 teams from across Vadodara that participated in the competition on December 16. Congratulations to the team, their parents and the mentors.
  Towards taking a Lead ....

Prerna Griglani (IX D) clinched the 'Character Award' at the 5th LEAAD Awards (Gujarat), 2017, December 22. She received this award for showing strength of character ( self awareness, openness, self control, accountability and fairness) through her project , 'Empowering India' wherein she worked towards spreading awareness among the under privileged section regarding Banking services.

Congratulations Prerna for the achievement. She was honoured by Raghu Raman ( Columnist, author, former CEO - NATGRID, TED Speaker, Ex- Soldier & UN Peacekeeper)

  The trumpet blew again ...

On December 16 Vidyanians Dhruv Shah and Prashil Sharma (XI Sc.) made their mark in the 'Dr. Nanubhai Amin educational interest: Talent Hunt' contest organised by Navrachana University. While Dhruv was 1st in the Technology event, Prashil secured the 2nd spot in the Mass Communication competition. Thanks to the duo for bringing home the laurels yet again!

  Children of Tomorrow!

‘Illuminate’, a project by Devashish Amin (XI A), Tirth Chauhan (XI A), Jay Maheshwari (XI C), Khushee Dave (XI B) and Jyeshtha Patel (XI B), for Design For Change School Challenge, 2017, bags a special award ' D' art of Science Best Prototype Award ' at the ‘I Can School Challenge, 2017. This feat was achieved after competing against 1700 stories of change from 26 states on December 10.

And that's not all. Our DFC Cell, by virtue of the Award, have the chance to develop their prototype under mentorship of the d'Art of Science team in Goa! We congratulate the students, their parents and the mentors for this achievement.

  Ternion of Trophies!
  It rained Rolling Trophies at Navrachana Vidyani November 19 as it was a clean sweep of the Championship trophies by all the three categories (junior, middle and senior) at the Sci-Po-Tech Competition conducted by Podar World School. Following are the team achievements:
1. Manan Patel (V) and Shikhar Patel (V)- 1st in Doodling
2. Devam Surti (V) and Prerit Patel(V) – 1st Runners- up in Science Model Making
1. Priyanshu Joshi(VIII) and Devasya Rajput (VIII) – 1st Runners- up in Technology and Robotics
2. Abhishek Kadam (VIII) and Aarav Bhuta (VIII) – 1st Runners- up in Science working model
1. Dhairya Shah (IX) and Daksh Patel (IX) – 1st in the field of Science
2.Tithi Patel (IX) and Dhun Navale(IX) – 3rd in the field of Science
3. Dhruv Soni (X ) and Jaynil Shah (X ) – 3rd in the field of technology
Kudos to the Vidyani Scienti-cians for this feat!

Quizzing Champs !

The team comprising Purva Parmar (12 C) and Parth Makwana (10 A) secured the 1st position at the Inter School Science Quiz Competition organised by Mar Gregorios Memorial School November 17. Competing against 30 Schools, the duo brought home the Rolling trophy on the basis of their sound grasp of scientific concepts.
Congratulations students on keeping the banner high!

Over the Moon

Nij Trivedi (6 D) has been awarded by STEM Research and Innovation, New Delhi, (an organization founded for uplifting Science and Astronomy in India) for his outstanding performance at the National Astronomy Challenge,2017. He is the proud recipient of the Gold medal and a Certificate of merit. Congratulations Nij, you seem to be all prepared to 'Ace the Space'!

Victors of Vidyani …

Kosha Shah (VII A)and ShailyMulani (VI C) had participated in the competitions (Spell Bee and Scientia Exertus, National level respectively) organised by MARRS International at DayanandSagar College of Engineering, Banglore on Jan 28.

While Kosha with her impeccable spellings secured an All India Rank 9 and notched the top spot in Gujarat, Shaily with her scientific bent of mind also bagged an All India Rank 9. Congratulations girls, keep up the good work!


Kosha Shah             Sahily Mulani
Promising Scouts …

Scouting is a movement that aims to support young people in their physical, mental and spiritual development, so that they may play constructive roles in society, with a strong focus on the outdoors and survival skills. Understanding its importance Navrachana Vidyani had organized a two day (January 27 and 28) Praveshika/Komal Pad and RajyaPuraskar Training Camp.

The students enthusiastically participated in each and every activity that was conducted and the winners were honoured with medals.

The different categories were Best Leaders (Winner Darsh Patel VII A); Scouts Game (Winner Divy Shah VI A) and Scouting Promise (Winner Kushal Patel VIII B).

It was a proud moment not only for the winners but for their parents as well who had come to witness the hard work put in by their wards.

  Dr. S. Radhakrishnan Samman 2017
  Principal Sonal Verma is the recipient of this prestigious Award by 'Avantika', a New Delhi-based group of contemporary artists and intellectuals. The Samman was in recognition of her sterling leadership qualities and her able guidance of the young generation by way of her "remarkable contribution in Nation Building, Social Welfare, Environment Protection, Education and Promotion of Indian Art, Culture, Dance & Music". The Award was presented on the occasion of the launch of the Vadodara unit of Hindustan Scouts and Guides (HSG) at Navrachana Vidyani on July 26 in the presence of Shri Kishore Singh Chauhan (State Secretary and power behind HSG Gujarat State) and Dr.Anand Agarwal (Director, Avantika), among other dignitaries. HSG is a national level initiative that aims to support young people in their physical, mental and spiritual development, that they may play constructive roles in society through training, sports and activities. Along with Principal Sonal Verma, 5 outstanding Vidyanians – Jia Haria (VIIC), Jaanya Shah (VIIB), Kartik Desai and Priyam Duggad (XII Sc.) and Kavisha Desai (XII Gen.) – were also presented with 'Avantika Awards for All-Round Excellence' at the same event. Truly an instance of how leaders who inspire, make quality a way of life for the people they lead!

Inculcating the spirit of excellence

Teacher Purvi Arora is a recipient of the 'Best International Teacher Award-2016-17' from the National Cyber Olympiad (NCO) for her visionary leadership and path-breaking initiatives in the field of education. She was felicitated by the Hon. Judge Shri Vijay Shukla (Jabalpur High Court )at the 19th International Awards Ceremony conducted by Science Olympiad Foundation (SOF) – the organising body conducting NCO – at Delhi on June 2. The Award is an acknowledgment of her untiring efforts due to which Vidyanians turned in an exceedingly commendable performance at the NCO exam 2016-17wherein they competed against students from 42,800 schools from across 25 countries!

  KVPY Fellows: brainiacs indeed!
Congratulations to Rucha Desai and Jineet Desai (XII Sc.), our Kishore Vaigyanik Protsahan Yojana (KVPY) Fellows, for having been selected for the prestigious fellowship. The KVPY is a National Program of Fellowship in Basic Sciences, funded by the Dept. of Science and Technology, Government of India. The scholarship is awarded with the aim to nurture the best young scientific minds for future research and development of the country and we are sure Rucha and Jineet will fulfill this noble objective.
  JEE Advance 2017–entry point to the IITs
After topping Vadodara in the JEE-Main, Jay Paranjape (XII Sc.) trumped the JEE-Advance too, securing City Rank-1 and All India Rank-79! A total of 3 Vidyanians figure in the rarefied TOP 1000 rank category with Rucha Desai at AIR-592 and Karan Domadia AIR- 792 along with Jay! Joining them in cracking this extremely challenging qualifying entrance examination for admission into the coveted IITs are other successful Vidyanians too, taking the total tally to 13–Bhargav Mahajan, Yash Chaurasia, Jineet Desai, Upayankumar Das, Dhruv Nair, Ajit Mujumdar, Charles Vanpariya, Kaushik Iyer, Mohil Desai and Dhruvil Choksi.

NEET 2017 –gateway to the medical world

Proving that State Board students are certainly not at a disadvantage in clearing the National Eligibility cum Entrance Test (NEET) too, 17 Navrachana Vidyani budding medics cleared the extremely challenging exam with Shivam Chandok getting a high State Rank-135!

  Science Olympiad Foundation (SOF) Level-2 Examinations
SOF is a non-profit organisation established by eminent academicians, scientists and media personalities to promote Computer Education, Science, Mathematics and English amongst school children in India and abroad.
  National Cyber Olympiad (NCO)
NCO aims at identifying and nurturing cyber talent amongst youngsters.
Kalp Shah (XI B) Zonal Rank-5
Dhruv Desai (VII B) Zonal Rank-7
Japa Parikh(VII D) Zonal Rank-8
Shubh Khandelwal (IX C) Zonal Rank-9
  Devashish Amin(X C) Zonal Rank-10
National Science Olympiad (NSO)
The objective of NSO is to motivate students to strive for an in-depth understanding of scientific concepts.
Dhruv Desai (VII B) Zonal Rank-10
13thState Level UCMAS Abacus and Mental Arithmetic Competition
Dev Thakkar (IV C) was the Second Runners Up Trophy at the event organised by UCMAS in Ahmedabad with the objective of enhancing the mental calculation and logical reasoning ability of students.
Space Camp (for visually impaired students) organized by NASA
Smit Patel (XII Gen.) has received 100% scholarship from St. Louis Light House for the Blind organisation as a result of an essay writing competition that will enable him to participate in the Space Camp. Smit's 2000 word-essay was about his perception of his physical environment and the people around him.
  From September 23 to 29, Smit will acquire real life experiences of the life style of astronauts through various adventure activities at NASA, USA. Congratulations Smit! Truly, a well-deserved giant leap for you.
  TCS IT Wiz 2017
Darsh Patel (XII Sc.) raised the Navrachana Vidyani banner at the competition for the third consecutive year by yet again claiming the award for the maximum number of tweets! A mind boggling total of 493 tweets won Darsh a gym bag with Bluetooth speakers! The National Level event held at Ahmedabad on August 1, also saw Siddharth Purswani (X D) win the GenY survey lucky draw and receive a pendrive and ear phones as his prize. Well done students for doing us proud once more!
  Tech Nav Fest
On August 5, it was the turn of the Navrachana Vidyani Team of digeratis Kaivalya Pathak and Devashish Amin(XI Sc.) to win the 2nd spot in a field of 21 teams in the IT Quiz segment at Tech Nav Fest organised by Navrachana School Sama. First Darsh and then Kaivalya and Devashish. Our techies are indeed stamping their presence in cyber space!

NVV scores at NIMUN ... yet again

Navrachana Vidyani parliamentarians made their presence felt at the Navrachana International Model United Nations (NIMUN) 7 this time too, like in the previous editions! Doing us proud was Jigyashu Saravta and Prashil Sharma (XI Sc.) who clinched the 'Best Delegate' and 'Best Position Paper' awards respectively. While Jigyashu was a member of the Disarmament and International Security Committee (DISEC) that deliberated on the burning issues of Nuclear Weapons Security and Illicit Trade in Small Arms and Light Weapons , Prashil's United Nations Human Rights Committee (UNHRC) had, as its heart-tugging agenda, the problems of Protecting the Rights of Refugees and also of Indigenous Societies.

Truly, the NIMUN experience, besides honing the debating skills of the participants, also provides learning that is real, challenging and helps sensitise the young people to the urgent issues facing our world today.


'Ignite Innovation' Inter-School Competition

On August 19, the Vidyani Team of Priyanshu Joshi (VIII), Taksh Joshi (VIII) and Devanshi Thakkar (IX D) clinched the 1st position in the event organised by the Tejas PTA. The Vidyani 'Big Idea', presented in the form of a working model and a PowerPoint presentation, was a hand-powered mobile charger that would not only save electricity in case of an emergency but also contribute towards conservation of scarce resources. Contesting against 10 teams, the Vidyanians' innovative thinking was duly acknowledged by the judges.

  Hyper Budding Chef Junior Competition
Budding Chef Neer Shah (IV A) won the Second Runners Up Trophy at the event conducted by Hyper City Mall in association with Food-Food channel and judged by Chef Amit Rao from Club Mahindra (Mumbai).
Keep cooking your way to success in chefdom, Neer!
  IT Wizards take it all!
Cyberia 2017 IT Fest which was organised by BCA department, MSU, from October 12 to October 14 , was a witness to the Vidyani IT squad's excellent performance. Following are the achievers and their feats:
-Siddharth Purswani (X), Jatan Dadhania (X) and Kavish Shah(X)- 1st position in 'Exquisite'
-Shubh Khandelwal (X) – 3rd position in 'Pixel Art'
-Manav Shah (IX)- 2nd position, Payal Moorjani (XII) and Jasmeet Gupta (XII)- 3rd positions In 'Extempore'
-Kalp Shah (XII) and Dhruv Patel (XII) – 3rd position in 'Bang the Virus'
-Purva Parmar (XII) and Sumedh Kulkarni (XII) – 3rd in 'Crack O Pattern'
-Krima Choksi (XI) – 1st position and Darsh Patel (XII) – 2nd position in 'Jumbled Coding'.
  Congratulations to the victors !

We join the ATL national network
December 2 proved to be a red letter day for Navrachana Vidyani when it was the ONLY school from Vadodara to be selected to the Government of India's proposed national network of Atal Tinkering Laboratories (ATL)!

Tinkering Laboratory is an American concept which will enhance the STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math) Programme of the School and helps fosters curiosity, creativity and imagination in young minds. The ATL programme thus seeks to create a scientific temper, inculcate technical skill-sets and cultivate the spirit of curiosity in young minds. As a participating institution, the School will receive Government support in setting up work spaces where students can give shape to their ideas through hands-on activities and learn innovation.

The selection was a rigorous multi-stage process wherein applications were screened to short list 595 schools that had then to participate in an Innovation Contest. Our school was represented by Principal Sonal Verma, Teacher Deepika Singh and 3 students of Class XI Science, Kalp Shah, Purva Parmar and Sumedh Kulkarni. The entries were judged on the basis of the Novelty of Innovation in the identified areas, Clarity of Expression and Demonstration and Potential Impact of the project. A singular component of the Navrachana Vidyani entry was Kalp, Purva and Sumedh building a robot that could segregate bio-degradable and non-biodegradable waste.

The vision of the Atal Innovation Mission at NITI Aayog is to 'Cultivate 1 Million children in India as Neoteric (modernistic) Innovators' and we are extremely proud to be a part of this mission!

  Top line : L to R :Kalp Shah, Sumedh Kulkarni, Sonal Verma , Deepika Singh and Purva Parmar.

LEAAD 2016
Awards Reeti Chauhan (IXA) won the 'Excellence Award' at the 4th LEAAD (Leadership Enrichment for Adolescents through Assessment and Development)2016 Awards on December22. The Foundation for Capability Building's LEAAD Mission is 'fostering leadership amongst adolescents'. The LEAAD Awards thus aim to encourage students from Classes VIII to XI to look beyond conventional education inputs and put in efforts to identify and build their ethical leadership capabilities.

She competed against 800 participants from 35 schools in the preliminary rounds and 50 shortlisted participants in the final round to claim the prestigious Award and also a cash prize of Rs. 11,000 for her research and presentation on the socially relevant issue of Organ Donation. Reeti was felicitated by Mr. George H. Sparschuh, President, SCHOTT Glass India Pvt. Ltd. and noted film maker Mr. Abhishek Jain.

Well done Reeti for keeping the School's pennant flying high!

National Children's Science Congress (NCSC) 2016
5 Vidyanians, Parth Shah and Kahan Dhuvad (IX C),Stuti Pandya, Dhwani Patel and Sparsh Shah (IX D), participated in the District Level NCSC on October 8. The focal theme of the event was 'Science, Technology & Innovation for Sustainable Development' and Team Vidyani's research project on 'Industrial Disasters: Measures to Check these, Awareness and Preparedness' was selected to represent Vadodara District at the State Level.
  L To R : Sparsh Shah (IX D), Stuti Pandya, Parth Shah, Dhwani Patel, Kahan Dhuvad (IX C)

Inter-School Social Science Project Competition
In this event, organised by Rotary Baroda Management in association with the Community Science Centre Vadodara, Indian Institute of Plastic, Socleen and Nagesh Charitable Trust on November 26, participants had to present projects on the topic 'Innovations in Agriculture'. Vidyanians Tithi Patel(VIII A) and Dhun Navale (VIII C) emerged Runners-up amongst 26 teams for their project entitled 'AGRIBOON'S EDITMAP'. The Vidyani team focused on the problem of foresting arid lands and came up with this model for farmers that would enable them to grow trees in spite of extreme temperatures and inadequate water supply.

Notably, Tithi and Dhun also made use of scrap material to make the model, thereby setting an example in responsible resource utilisation.

  L to R: Tithi Pateland Dhun Navale
Nanubhai Amin Award for Innovative Science Exhibits (NAAISE) 2016
Organised by the Community Science Centre-Vadodaraon December 21, NAAISEwas an exhibition-cum-competition of working models to promote innovation and a scientific temper in students. The event saw young scientists, Dhun Navale and Nidhi Shah (VIII C) and Tithi Patel (VIII A),win the 3rd spot for their AGRIBOON EDITMAP model that tackles the problem of growing crops in desert regions. Why the name AGRIBOON? Because the project model could be a boon to agriculture while the acronym EDITMAP spells out is unique qualities - Efficiency, Discovery, Improvisation and Innovation, Time Management, Awareness and Poverty Reduction!
  L to R : Tithi Patel, Dhun Navale and Nidhi Shah

Vidyani students brought laurels to school by bringing home the Rolling Trophy (Senior Category) in the Inter-School event organized by Podar World School from October 20 to 21.The Scipotech competition was a blend of Science, Technology and Robotics segments wherein participants exhibited models and made projects relevant to real life.

The combined points garnered by the Senior team members (Technology – First Runners-up Trophy to Dhruv Soni and Jaynil Shah-IX D for their Blender:3DModelling project; Robotics – First Runners-up Trophy to Vedant Naik and Udit Desai-VII D for their Farmer's bot and Second Runners-up Trophy to Abhiraj Chaudhuri and Priyanshu Joshi-VII C for their Drone) earned Navrachana Vidyani the Rolling Trophy.

Further, claiming theirown spot in the sun, the Junior Team of Darsh Kadakia (VI B) and Yana Savani (VI A) won the 1st position in the Technology section for their presentation on 'e-waste manngement'.

An all-round display of commendable accomplishment indeed!!!

L to R : Jaynil Shah and Dhruv Soni L to R : Udit Desai and Vedant Naik
Priyanshu Joshi Abhiraj Chaudhari Darsh Kadakia Yana Savani

PRL's Poster and Model Making Competition
Anand Bhrambhatt, Kalp Shah, Vishwa Shah, Saumya Shah, Purva Parmar and Sumedh Kulkarni (XI Sc.)had participated in this competition organised by Physical Research Laboratory, Ahmedabad, on February 25.These masterminds had earlier cleared the screening round whereinonly 154 students were shortlisted for this level out of 1700 students from all over Gujarat! In the final phase, Sumedh Kulkarni and Saumya Shah won in the 'Best Poster' category and Anand Bhrambhatt was the proud recipient of both the 'City Topper' and Best Model awards.While Sumedh and Saumya received a telescope each, Anand also received an encyclopedia for being a Centre Topper along with a telescope for his winning model. Saumya'sposter was based on 'Technology for the Disabled',Sumedh's theme was the history of Gravitation Theory and Gravitational Waves and its present situation while Anand's model too centred around the Gravitation Theory.

Good show Vidyani brainiacs!

  L to R : Saumya Shah, Sumedh Kulkarni, Purva Parmar, Vishwa Shah, Anand Bhrambhatt and Kalp Shah

Computer Day Celebrations
Cyber savvy Vidyanians showcased their IT skills to perfection in the multi-event competition held on January 22 by way of observing the 'Computer Day'. The event was organised for school and college students by the Computer Society of India (CSI), Vadodara Chapter, and the Department of Computer Science and Engineering, MS University, Baroda.

Navrachana Vidyani won multiple prizes in various categories with Vidyanians competing against 422 participants from 16 schools. It was a clean sweep in the Collage Making event wherein our students took home all the prizes - Siddharth Mehta (VII B) won the 1st, Yaana Savani (VI A) the 2nd and Rishikesh Parte (VI D) the 3rd ! The scenario was the same in the Debate competition as well with Payal Moorjani (XI Sc.) coming in 1st, Akanksha Patel (XII Sc.) 2nd and Jasmeet Gupta (XISc.) 3rd!

In the C-Programming event, Natasha Sanjeev (XISc.) was the sole winner. The Dumb Charades Teams also put on a great act to win the 1st (Gaurav Chandiramani and Kalp Shah- XISc.) and 3rd positions (Jhanvi Nagori and Jaapa Parikh - VIID). In Poster Making, Nakshi Shah (V D) bagged the 1st and Prisha Desai (IVC) the 3rd spots. In PowerPoint Presentation, the team of Siddharth Mehta and Ansh Hathi(VII B) claimed the 2nd prize.

Really, Vidyani computer geeks ruled the day!!!

L to R : Siddharth Mehta, Yaana Savani and Rishikesh Parte
  L to R : Payal Moorjani, Akanksha Patel and Jasmeet Gupta
Natasha Sanjeev Gaurav Chandiramani Kalp Shah
Jhanvi Nagori and Jaapa Parikh Nakshi Shah and Prisha Desai
Ansh Hathi and Siddharth Mehta
EduHeal Foundation Examinations
EduHeal Foundation (EHF) is a registered NGO promoted by leading educationists, corporate heads and media doyens. EHF is actively engaged in identifying talented school students by reaching out to 4000 schools across the globe.
National Bio-Technology Olympiad (NBTO) Level-2
NBTO aims to create awareness about Biotechnology among students and also to test their aptitude for taking up a career in this field.
National Interactive Math Olympiad (NIMO) Level-2
The vision of the NIMO is to popularize Math among school students and develop their logical and critical reasoning.
International General Knowledge Olympiad (IGO)
IGO is a unique Olympiad stressing on importance of day to day knowledge about current events happening in India and the world. Besides current events, IGO also focuses on knowledge about history, geography, science etc.
Science Olympiad Foundation (SOF) Examination
A non-profit organization established by leading academicians, scientists and media personalities with the aim of promoting Science, Mathematics, Computer Education and English, amongst students both in India and abroad.
International English Olympiad (IEO)
IEO focusses on communication and use of English language, rather than rote learning and correct grammar only.
Silverzone Foundation Examination
Silverzone Foundation is an NGO, which aims to promote competitive awareness of academics in school children in India and by conducting International Olympiads globally.
International Informatics Olympiad (iiO) Level-2
International Informatics Olympiad endeavours to assess the competency of the students in Computer Science, at the National and International level.

UCMAS 21st International and 13th National Abacus & Mental Arithmetic Competition2016
Habilali Tinwala (VI D) was the Second Runners- Up at the UCMAS 21stInternational and 13th National Abacus & Mental Arithmetic Competition, 2016 held at Dubai on November 11. Operational in 52 countries, UCMAS (Universal Concept Mental Arithmetic System) is the largest worldwide skill development programme promoting the universal concept of a mental arithmetic system for children between the ages of 6 and 13.

Habilali displayed extraordinary numeracy skills to emerge as one of the winners in a field comprising a total of 2,277participants from 30 countries worldwide!

Meanwhile, another Vidyanian, Krishna Motwani (II E) was the winner at the Vadodara City Level leg of the UCMAS Abacus & Mental Arithmetic Competition 2016.

'Brainobrainfest 2016'
Pratham Patel (VIC) was adjudged the Champion at the 73rd Regional Abacus Competition Festival organised by Brainobrain International in Ahmedabad on December18. .'BRAINOBRAIN' is a skill development programme for children in the 5 to 14 years age group that aims to sharpen innate skills like concentration, memory, listening skills, numerical ability, visualization, creativity etc. Pratham competed against 100 participants in his category at the State Level competition to claim the title on the basis of his dexterous calculating ability.

Fruits of diligence …
Navrachana Vidyani (Swachhagrah) Prerarks Smitha Sanjeev, Niharika Dhaiphule and Rashmi Monish were felicitated for their remarkable contribution, along with their team of Vidyani Swacchagrahis, in motivating their peers in keeping their surrounding clean.

Out of 43 schools,350 reports by the Swacchagrahis of various schools and 83 Preraks involved in this project, acknowledged by UNESCO, Prerna Griglani of Grade 8 D was among the twelve winners who were awarded a certificate and medal for their reports. The Vidyani Preraks were among those five schools that were lauded for their efforts.

The Swacchagrahis with their Preraks are all geared up to take this to a level higher in the next academic session.

KVPY Fellows: Science is their forte

Congratulations to our Kishore Vaigyanik Protsahan Yojana (KVPY) Fellows, Varshil Gandhi & Poojan Thaker (XII Sc.) and Yash Chaurasia (XI Sc.), for having been selected for the prestigious fellowship.

The Kishore Vaigyanik Protsahan Yojana (KVPY) is an on-going National Program of Fellowship in Basic Sciences, initiated and funded by the Department of Science and Technology, Government of India. The objective of the program is to identify students with talent and an aptitude for research to help them realize their academic potential and encourage them to take up research careers in Science. Generous fellowships are provided up to the pre-Ph.D. level to the selected KVPY Fellows.

Hope you fulfil the KVPY programme objective of nurturing the best young scientific minds for future research and development in the country.

JEE Advance 2016

6 Vidyanians trumped the extremely challenging JEE Advance, the qualifying entrance examination for admission into the coveted IITs – Varshil Gandhi, Mausam Khetani, Poojan Thaker, Pruthvi Patel, Sahil Trivedi and Vrund Shah (XIISc.)

Once again Vidyanians have proved that State Board students benchmark with the best in the country!

An International Award winning performance in IEO!

The Science Olympiad Foundation (SOF) is a not-for-profit organisation established by leading academicians, scientists and media personalities with the aim of promoting Computer, Science, Math and English amongst school children both in India and other countries like Singapore, Qatar, Nepal, Oman, Bahrein, U.A.E., Sri Lanka, etc.

Jia Haria (VIC) had attained International Rank–2 in the International English Olympiad (IEO) 2015-16conducted by SOF. Her performance was all the more noteworthy since last year, more than 34000 schools from over 1400 cities in 22 countries registered for the 4 SOF Olympiads and millions of students had appeared in them!

Subsequently, Jia was invited with her parents to an Awards Function organized by SOF in New Delhi on June 12 to felicitate select International Top Performing Students of Class V onwards. Jia’s outstanding achievement has won her an International Silver Medal and also a prize of Rs. 25, 000/ in recognition of her commendable efforts.

Well done Jia and best wishes for your future endeavours!

National Bio-Technology Olympiad Level-2
  The National Bio-Technology Olympiad (NBTO)is aimed at creating awareness about Biotechnology as well as testing the student’s aptitude for taking up a career in this field. NBTO is held annually by the EduHeal Foundation (EHF), a registered NGO promoted by leading educationists, corporate heads and media doyens. EHF is actively engaged in identifying talented school students by reaching out to 3500 schools and 4 lakhs students annually.

International Rank-6 Prashil Sharma (IXA)
International Rank-7 Prachi Parikh (XC)
International Rank-8 Yash Lohana (IIID), Harshvardhan Sutaria (VIA) and Devanshi Thakkar (VIID)
International Rank-10 Vainavi Thakkar (IVB)
MathBuddy Mathlathon
Sparsh Shah (IXD)
Shubham Shah (VIIID) and Samarth Gandhi (XC)
Kosmica Rughwani (IXB), Arham Shah (VIC)

Math Buddy is a comprehensive, standards aligned interactive teaching and learning system for Class I to X that focusses on helping children learn and practice mathematical concepts through activities, worksheets, quiz and fun math games.

Five Vidyanians ranked between1-3 in their individual categories and the School too was acknowledged for its “exemplary performance” in Mathlathon 2015, an online Math Olympiad that tests the conceptual, analytical and quantitative skills of students of Class III to X.

‘MATHALON’ Inter- School Quiz Competition
  Math aces Pushkar Kadam (VIIIC) and Het Shah (IXD) won the 1st position in the Mathematics Quiz organised by Tejas Vidyalaya on July 30. They matched numeracy skills with 25 other teams to win the day in this contest designed to spark students’ interest in Math.

TCS IT Wiz Competition
  On August 9, Darsh Patel (XISci.) beat close to 600 teams of technophiles to take home the ‘Award for the Highest Number of Tweets’ at the IT competition organized by Tata Consultancy Services at Ahmedabad. The event is a National Level Inter-School IT Quiz for students of Class VII-XII that aims to build awareness about the importance of IT skills, as also enable students with expertise in information technology to look at the field through an innovative perspective. The Vidyani Tweet Wiz topped the list with maximum (642) number of tweets related to the event and was awarded Skull candy earphones and Bluetooth Speakers for his techno savvy skills.
Indian International Model United Nations Conference

Jasmeet Gupta (XISc.) was adjudged the ‘Best Delegate’ at the Indian International Model United Nations (IIMUN), Vadodara Chapter, hosted by Gujarat Public School. The Conference is a simulation of the UN wherein students debated over international issues over three days from July 29 to 31. Participants took on the role of delegates representing various member countries of the UN in a set of committees and addressed current issues.

More than 25 schools and 600 delegates participated in the Conference wherein Jasmeet led a team of 21 members as part of the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees Committee.

  The topic for deliberation was ‘The Syrian Refugee Crisis’ and Jasmeet made his case convincingly enough to take home the coveted title.
Navrachana International Model United Nations

It was a proud moment for the School as Team Vidyani (Jasmeet Gupta-Xl Sc., Anushka Mukherjee- XIIGen., Shrey Shah-XD, Rudresh Basarge-XD, Dhvani Shah-XD, Aditya Mukherjee-XD, Prashil Sharma-XC, Kaivalya Pathak-XC, Jahanvi Shah-XIISc., Devarsh Shah-XD, Rutmik Vasava-XISc. and Aadit Patel-XISc.) won the 'Best Delegation' Award in the Navrachana International Model United Nations (NIMUN)6 Conference.

14 Schools and 200 delegates participated in the Conference that was spread over two days, September 2-3. Organized by Navrachana International School Vadodara, each delegate was allotted a country that they had to represent in one of the eight Committees at a parliamentary type debate on issues of global importance.

To add to our cheer, seasoned delegate Jasmeet and Rudresh were individually declared 'Best Delegates' in the ECOFIN (Economic and Financial) and SPECPOL (Special Political and Decolonization) Committees respectively. Further, Anushka and Jahanvi were also honoured for presenting the 'Best Position Papers' in the HRC (Human Rights Council) and SPECPOL Committees.

Kudos to our emerging emissaries for really putting forth their views convincingly enough to bag a host of honours for their School!

More than 25 schools and 600 delegates participated in the Conference wherein Jasmeet led a team of 21 members as part of the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees Committee and locked horns with other delegates to emerge as the ‘Best Delegate’.

Such events provide Vidyanians an opportunity to don the hats of diplomats from all over the world and thereby hone their oratory and research skills, besides gaining a deeper understanding of issues of global concern.

Competitive Exams
  2015 International Assessments for Indian Schools (IAIS)

The IAIS suite of examinations is developed by Educational Assessment Australia (EAA), an enterprise of the University of New South Wales (UNSW), Australia. EAA is a leading international educational assessment organization conducting assessment programmes in Australia and 21 countries globally.

The IAIS, conducted by Macmillan, is a diagnostic assessment programme that is benchmarked against global standards and provides an objective, in-depth, external evaluation of student skills in key learning areas that are essential for success in school & beyond. Students achieving outstanding results are awarded Certificates of High Distinction:

High Distinction in Science
  High Distinction in Mathematics Prashil Sharma
High Distinction in Mathematics Prashil
  Prashil Sharma (IX A) and Dhruv Desai (VI B)
ASSET Talent Search 2015-16

Founded by a group of IIM alumni, Educational Initiatives (EI) is an effort to ensure every child learns with understanding. It has worked with over 3000 schools taking EI's International Benchmarking Test, ASSET (Assessment of Scholastic Skills through Educational Testing), across India, UAE, Kuwait, Singapore and USA.

ASSET Talent Search (ATS) assists educators in identifying and supporting academically gifted students in order to connect them with learning opportunities that enhance their inherent potential. Students of Class V to VIII, scoring at the 95th percentile and above in the ASSET test in English, Math or Science subjects, qualify to participate in ATS. Further, in association with some of the top universities and organizations, gifted students are offered multiple opportunities to participate in programmes that expose them to cutting edge disciplinary practices.

Pushkar Kadam's (VII C) high scores have thus enabled him to qualify for the Northwestern University's (USA) Centre of Talent Development's CTD-Spectrum and CTD-GLL (Gifted Learning Links) Programmes, Purdue University's (USA) Gifted Education Resource Institute's GERI-STAR Program, the National Society for the Gifted and Talented's (NSGT-USA) Summer Institute for the Gifted (SIG) Programme, the Renzulli Creativity Programme at University of Connecticut (USA) and the ASSET Summer Studies Programme.

Keep up the good work, Pushkar!

Eduheal Foundation Examinations
  Eduheal Foundation (EHF) is a registered NGO actively engaged in identifying academically talented school students by reaching out to 3500 schools and 4 lakhs students annually. Also, it has partnered with the Bombay Stock Exchange Institute (BSEI) Institute to promote financial literacy.
BSE International Finance Olympiad

The Eduheal Foundation and Bombay Stock Exchange Institute together organize the BSE International Finance Olympiad (BIFO). The Olympiad is designed to encourage students to explore, discover, and learn more about the financial world and to develop analytical and problem solving skills that will be essential to their career.

BIFO is held at three levels and Shailja Shah (XI Gen) is one of 108 Merit students across India to have qualified for the Level-3 Quiz Finals.



Science Olympiad Foundation (SOF) Level-2 Examinations
  SOF is an educational foundation that promotes Computer, Science, Mathematics and English education amongst school children in India and abroad at places like Singapore, Oman, Qatar, Nepal, Bahrain, Sri Lanka, UAE and Durban.
International English Olympiad (IEO)

IEO is a single level examination and focusses on assessing fluency and accuracy in use of English language in everyday communication.

International Rank – 1

Kanak Aswani (I A) and Shrey Patel (II A)– Kanak and Shrey were awarded Merit Certificates, International Gold Medals and gifts worth Rs. 1000/-each.

International Rank – 2
  Jia Haria (V C) – Jia was awarded a Merit Certificate, International Silver Medal and gifts worth Rs. 1000/-.
International Rank – 3
  Yug Modi (I A), Laksha Patel(I A), Janhavi Atodaria (I B), Dhairya Bhavnani(I B), Priyanshi Duggad (I B), Anwesha Maru(I B), Tanish Naik(I B), Aarya Patel(I B), Prachi Prasad(I B), Adishi Shah (I B), Veer Shah (I B), Nachiket Nanavati (II D) and Mahi Shah (II B) – All were awarded Merit Certificates, International Bronze Medals and gifts worth Rs. 1000/- each.
International Rank – 4
  Kosha Shah (I B) and Neev Bhalavat (II D)
International Rank – 6
  Dhruvi Amin (I B), Megh Shukla (I B) and Sharly Griglani (I C)
International Rank – 8
  Netra Sane (I C), Saumya Shah (I C), Charmee Desai (IIA), Madhav Desai (II A), Diva Kapadia (II A), Krisha Upadhyay (II D)
International Rank – 9
  Het Joshi (I B), Juhee Shah (I B), Karm Upadhyay (I B), Shrushti Mehta (II B)
State Rank – 2
  Jahanvi Shah (XI Sc)
International Mathematics Olympiad (IMO)
  The International Mathematics Olympiad is a means to identify and encourage the mathematical creativity of children through problem solving.
State Rank – 5
  Jay Paranjape (XI Sc)
State Rank – 9
  Rohit Rughwani (XI Sci)
National Science Olympiad (NSO)
  NSO is The National Science Olympiad has proved to be a rigorous aptitude testing platform that motivates students to strive for an in-depth understanding of scientific concepts and to enhance their reasoning and analytical skills.
State Rank – 6
  Ruchi Lad (IV B)
Silverzone Foundation Level-2 Examinations
  Silverzone Foundation is an NGO that aims to enhance the academic level of school children For this, The Foundation has been conducting International Olympiads in over 9000 schools in India and in over 14 countries abroad.
International Informatics Olympiad (iiO)
  The International Informatics Olympiad endeavours to assess the competency and proficiency of students in the field of Computer Science, at National and International level, every year.
State Rank – 1
  Parth Makwana (VIII A)
State Rank – 2
  Yash Lohana (III D), Dhruv Desai (VI B)
State Rank – 3
  Het Shah (VIII C)
State Rank – 4
  Harshvardhan Sutaria (VIA)
State Rank – 6
  Kosmica Rughwani (VIIIB), Shrey Shah (IXA) and Shreya Paradkar (X A)
State Rank – 7
  Priya Choksi (IXA) and Darsh Patel (X A)
State Rank – 8
  Prashil Sharma (IXA) and Gaurav Chandiramani (X A)
State Rank – 9
  Karan Choithwani (IIIB), Jay Maheshwari (IXC) and Darshil Patel (X A)
State Rank – 10
  Kaivalya Pathak (IXC)
Aloha Abacus Gujarat 11th State Level Competition

ALOHA stands for Advanced Learning of Higher Arithmetic and Aloha India, the Indian subsidiary of Aloha International, Malaysia, designs advanced abacus and Mental Arithmetic programmes for children in the 4-13 year age span. In this Mental Arithmetic competition, contestants were asked to complete 70 complex sums in just 5 minutes to develop their calculating ability and thereby enhance their numerical ability.

Prachi Shah (III D) was the Second Runners-up in the 'Aloha Abacus Competition' organized at Ahmedabad and received her Trophy from Mr. Loh Mun Sung Sung, Founder President of Aloha International.

'Global Achievers Award 2016'
Principal Rekha Mishra has been awarded the 'Global Achievers Award 2016' by the MVLA Trust, a Mumbai-based NGO that seeks to encourage achievers who have significantly contributed in the fields of 'Education for Enlightenment, Upliftment of Human Life and Global Friendship'.

The Award is in recognition of her untiring efforts to establish the best practices in the field of education and her sustained endeavor to foster in students a belief in their own ability to grow intellectually.
  Nanubhai Amin Award for Innovative Science Exhibits 2015
The Community Science Centre Vadodara organizes the Inter-School Innovative Science Model competition to encourage student interest in the field of science and scientific research. Vidyani innovators Gaurav Chandiramani, Kalp Shah & Mritunjay Guha, (XA), Devashish Amin (IX C) and Tirth Chauhan (IX C) won the 2nd position for their project on making five dye sensitized solar cells using Titanium Dioxide. These solar cells are more cost-effective than the traditional solar panels and also require less maintenance. The group took up this project to find a way to popularise the green initiative of harnessing solar energy by making the process more economical and was awarded a cheque of Rs. 10000/- and Certificates of Merit for their commendable efforts.

Certainly an innovative move towards a green future!
SciPoTech 2016

Vidyani bagged the Rolling Trophy in the Junior category (Classes V and VI) at the Science, Robotics and Technology Projects competition organized by Podar World School wherein students exhibited innovative models relevant to real life. The Junior Teams of Aman Desai (VIA) and Vansh Mehta (VID) won the 1st position in the Technology project event while Devasya Rajput & Vedant Naik (VI D) clinched the 2nd spot in the Science/EVS Model Making contest. Aman and Vansh had prepared a Power Point Presentation on 'Waste Management' while the topic of Devasya and Vedant's model was 'Cities marching towards Smart Cities'.

In the Senior category (Classes VII-IX), Vidyani teams emerged as Winners in both the Robotics (Sparsh Shah & Jatan Dadhania VIII D) and Technology (Devashish Amin IX C and Smit Modi IXD) sections. The Robotics team led the field by virtue of their 'obstacle avoiding line follower' robot while their design software 'Blender Redone' won the day for Devashish and Smit!

SciPoTech thus sent out a loud message to make ample space for innovation, creativity, exploration and experimentation in the school curriculum in order to develop a scientific temper in students.

25th Inter-School Reliance Science Quiz Competition 2015

The Vidyani Team of Het Shah (VIII C) and Harshvardan Sutaria (VI A) displayed a definite scientific bent of mind to get the Second Runners-up position among 23 participating schools in the Science Quiz organized by MGM School Baroda.

There was a written test in the preliminary round and the top six teams therein went through to the Finals

All-India Tech Launchpad App Contest
  Organised by the Global Discovery Schools, Aditya Mukherjee & Devashish Amin (IX C) and Manav Bhagchandani (IX D) claimed the 5th spot at this National Level competition. The trio's App, "The bloodbank", brings donors and people who require blood together by enabling both to enter personal contact details and the particular blood group they require or wish to donate. A very useful app indeed Aditya, Devashish and Manav!
TCS Tweet wiz 2015

Darsh Patel (X A) tweeted his way to the 3rd position in the National Level 'Tweet Porting' competition organized by Tata Consultancy Services (TCS) and won Flipkart vouchers worth Rs. 5000/- for his efforts.

The season-long event lasted from July 31 to December 12 and was held in conjunction with the TCS IT Quiz 2015 competition. 'Tweet Porting' required contestants across India to tweet either about any topic related to IT or about happenings during the course of the IT Quiz segment. The event is organized every year by TCS with the aim to hone IT skills and so prepare the young for a digitally connected future.

Darsh is also a Certified Ethical Hacker' having cleared the qualifying examination. Congratulations to our White Hat Hacker !

'Computer Day' celebrations

The Computer Society of India had organized a multi-event competition for school and college going students to mark 'Computer Day'. Cyber-savvy Vidyanians showcased their IT skills to perfection and brought home a host of awards in various events.

While Prashil Sharma and Priya Choksi (IX A) won the 1st and 2nd positions respectively in the 'On-the-Spot Debate' competition, the team of Priya Choksi and Krima Chokshi (IX A) were Runners-up in 'Dumb Charades' and Megha Sanklecha (XI Sc) too won the 2nd spot in 'Programming'.

The winners were given Certificates of Commendation and pen drives for their excellence in the field of IT.

'Cyberia'16: unleash the geek within'
  This year's edition of 'Cyberia', the annual tech-fest organized by the Computer Application Student Association (CASA) of MS University, saw cyber savvy Vidyanians exhibit their IT skills in a series of events.
  The Team of Sahil Parikh, Yash Sodha and Dhruv Nair (XI Sc) were Champion Quizzers in this IT Quiz event.
'Techtonic Hunt'
  Basically a treasure hunt, the competition had three rounds – Aptitude Test, Mini Treasure Hunt and The Final Hunt – and Team Vidyani comprising Kaivalya Pathak (IXC), Prashil Sharma (IXA) and Dev Joshi (IXB) won the 1st position.
  Shubh Khandelwal was the Runners-up in this competition that required participants to edit images using Adobe Photoshop software.
International School Award (ISA)
  NavrachanaVidyaniVidyalaya has secured British Council’s ISA accreditation for the period 2015-18 for incorporating an international dimension in the curriculum that facilitates nurturing global citizenship in young people.

Vidyani has got the coveted award for the second time after being the first State Board School to be accredited the first time round.

NTSE Scholar
  NTSE Scholar
The National Talent Search Examination (NTSE) is a national-level scholarship programme that aims to identify and recognize students with high intellect and academic talent. Close to 300,000 students appear in this scholarship exam every year and 1,000 scholarships are awarded. Students studying in Class X are eligible to appear for the selection process. Organized by the National Council of Educational Research and Training (NCERT), it is widely regarded as the most prestigious and the most difficult examination at the secondary level in India.
Jay Paranjape (XI Sc) has cleared Level-2 of the National Talent Search Examination (NTSE) and is thus eligible to receive a scholarship of Rs. 500/- every month to pursue higher studies from graduation level onwards.

JEE Advance 2015
11 Vidyanians trumped the extremely challenging JEE Advanceand thus qualified for admission into IITs. AnantChhajwani secured a high All India Rank-134 and Vadodara City Rank-1 while compatriot SiddharthBrahmbhatt got AIR-590.
In the JEE Mains held earlier, Anant had been the Vadodara City Topper that time too with Megh Parikh and Siddharth getting Vadodara City Ranks-2 and 4 respectively.
Megh Parikh, PrajjvalPundeer, PurvamModi, NarmadRaval, PraharshHathi, Aditya Pagar, Mansi Shah, Rohan Ghanekar and TarunJotwani.
Kudos to the eleven! They have indeed proved that Vidyanians benchmark with the best in the nation!

Photography Competiton: ‘Raise your Voice, Lower the Noise – Make IT Happen’
  Kairav Trivedi (XI Sc.) captured just the right moment to win the 1st position in the Young Aspiring Shutterbugs (U-18) category in the Open Baroda Photography Competition. Kairav was awarded a Certificate of Appreciation and a book by eminent photographer Rahul Gajjar.
The event organized by Young Indians and SOCLEEN, was held to create awareness about the need to reduce pollution with the topics being – 1) Swacch Bharat and 2) Horn not Ok – noise pollution. Young Indians (Yi) an integral part of the Confederation of Indian Industry (CII), aims to create a platform for young Indians to realise the dream of a developed nation and engages around 10500 students through chaupals, under the brand ‘Yuva’.

IIT -JEE (Main)
Design For Change - 'I CAN' School Challenge 2014
  Founded by Kiran Bir Sethi, Founder-Director of the Riverside School in Ahmedabad, Design for Change (DFC) is a global movement that has spread to over 35 countries.

DFC is a 4-step ‘FIDS’ process wherein students FEEL (F) a problem, IMAGINE (I)a way to make it better, DO (D) an act of change and SHARE (S)their story. The Vidyani story, ‘Unravelling Traffic Snarls’ was selected as one of the 100 most inspiring stories and as successful change-makers, the students were awarded Rs. 5,000/- along with other prizes.

Asset Winter Round 2014-15

Founded by a group of IIM alumni, Educational Initiatives (EI) has worked with over 3000 schools across India, UAE, Kuwait, Singapore and USA and organizes its International Skill-based Benchmarking Test, ASSET (Assessment of Scholastic Skills through Educational Testing), every year.

‘Certificate of Outstanding Achievement in Social Studies’
Anand Brahmbhatt (IXD) Dweep Lalpurwala (XB)    
  ‘Certificate of Outstanding Achievement in Mathematics’
Samarth Gandhi (VIIIB) Saumya Shah (IXB)    
Duke TIP ASSET Talent Search

The Duke University Talent Identification Program (Duke TIP), an American nonprofit organization, has partnered with Educational Initiatives (EI) to identify and provide innovative programmes designed to motivate and challenge academically talented students to think critically and stretch beyond their self-perceived limits.

3 Vidyanians have cleared the Duke TIP ASSET Talent Search Level-2 Round scoring 95 percentile or above among 3200 students of India and U.A.E. taking this exam in English, Math and Science. They thereby qualify to take the Summer Studies Programme (SSP), Independent Learning Programme (ILP) and Estudies (ESP) programme at Shiv Nagar University, Delhi, from May 10 to May 30, 2015.

Parth Makwana (VIIC) –
qualified for SSP,ESP, ILP
Het  Shah (VIIC) –
qualified for ESP, ILP
Anushree Deota (VIIIC) –
qualified for ESP, ILP
  They will also be awarded the title of ‘ASSET Talent Scholar’ for achieving the 95 percentile score.
Eduheal Foundation Examinations

Eduheal Foundation(EHF) is an international NGO creating awareness about critical educational and health issues. EHF conducts ten Olympiads annually, thereby reaching out to over 4000 schoolsand 4 lakh students.

BSE International Finance Olympiad

EHF and Bombay Stock Exchange Institute (BSEI) organize the BSE International Finance Olympiad (BIFO) that encourages students to explore, discover, and learn more about the financial world and to develop analytical and problem solving skills that will be essential to their career.

Samarth Gandhi (VIIIB)      
  Jash Tulsiani (XID) has cleared the Level-2 exam and is one out of 108 Merit students across India to have qualified for the Level-3 Quiz Finals.
Silverzone Foundation Examinations

Silverzone Foundation is an NGO that aims to enhance the scholastic standard of school-going students. To this end, it has conducted International Olympiads in over 9000 schools in India and in over 14 countries abroad.

International Informatics Olympiad

The International Informatics Olympiad (iiO), a test of competence and proficiency in Computer Science, is held annually at the national and international levels.

Prisha Desai (IIB) – State Rank-I Darsh Patel (IXA) – State Rank-I Shivam Chandok (XB) – State Rank-I Dhruva Makwana (IIID) – State Rank-2
Het Shah (VIIC) – State Rank-2 Kalp Shah (IXA) – State Rank-2 Parth Makwana (VIIA) – State Rank-3 Dhruv Desai (VB) – State Rank-4
Jay Maheshwari (VIIIC) – State Rank-6 Rushil Shah (VB) – State Rank-7 Ishan Shah (VIIID) – State Rank-7  

Science Olympiad Foundation (SOF) Level-2 Examinations
SOF is a non-profit organization that conducts four Olympiads to promote Computer, Science, Mathematics and English education among school children both in India and abroad.

International Mathematics Olympiad (IMO)

IMO is a means to identify and encourage mathematical creativity in students through problem solving.
Anant Chhajwani (XIIC) – State Rank-2 Praharsh Hathi (XIIC) – State Rank-4 Megh Parikh (XIIC) – State Rank-5 Siddharth Brahmbhatt (XIIC) – State Rank-9

National Science Olympiad (NSO)

NSO is organised every year to motivate students to strive for a deeper understanding of scientific facts and concepts, and to enhance their reasoning, analytical and problem solving skills.

Pushkar Kadam (VIC) – State Rank-2 Siddharth Brahmbhatt (XIIC) – State Rank-3 Anant Chhajwani (XIIC) – State Rank-6 Praharsh Hathi (XIIC) – State Rank-9

National Cyber Olympiad (NCO)

NCO aims at identifying and nurturing cyber talent amongst youngsters.
Shrey Shah (VIIIA) – International Rank-5 Pushkar Kadam (VIC) – State Rank-10 Kalp Shah (IXA) – State Rank-5 Darsh Patel (IXA) – State Rank-10
Rohit Rughwani (XD) – State Rank-8 Megh Parikh (XIIC) – State Rank-1 Kshitij Verma (XIIC) – State Rank-3 Ishan Ranpura (XIIC) – State Rank-4
Sheel Shah (XIIC) – State Rank-5 Siddharth Shah (XIIC) – State Rank-8 Anant Chhajwani (XIIC) – State Rank-10  
11th Aloha National Level Math Competition 2014

Aloha India is the Indian subsidiary of Aloha International, Malaysia, and a global leader in advanced abacus and Mental Arithmetic programs specially designed for children in the 4-13 year age span.

In the competition held in Chennai, Prachi Shah (IID) won the Championship and lifted the trophy for correctly solving seventy sums in five minutes!

‘Tweet and Earn Mileage’

Yash Sodha (XIA) won a one night stay at Hotel Taj Lands End, Mumbai with a family member for being the Tweeter with the highest number of Tweets throughout the TCS IT WIZ Season 2014.

The event is organized every year by Tata Consultancy Services (TCS) with the aim to build awareness, hone IT skills and prepare the young for the digitally connected future and is India’s biggest Inter-School IT Quiz Competition.  Yash had earlier won the ‘TCStweetwiz Award’ at the Regional Finals in Ahmedabad.

Yash Sodha
Cyberia: unleash the geek within 2015

Hosted by students of MS University’s Department of Computer Applications, Cyberia is a State Level annual IT fest that provides a platform for future computer professionals and tech geeks to exhibit their technical acumen. Vidyanians proved their technical skills as they performed commendably even while competing with students senior to them in many of the events.


Two Vidyani teamswere 1stRunners-up in the‘Ex-Quizite’ IT quiz contests held at two levels. The first team, comprising Abhishek Shah (XIA), Darsh Patel (IXA) and Rutmik Vasava (IXA), wonthe College Level quiz while the other team of Shivam Khosla (XIIC), Dhiman Swadia (XIIA) and Sheel Shah (XIIC) won the School Level competition.
Darsh Patel Abhishek Shah
Rutmik Vasava
Shivam Khosla, Dhiman Swadia , Sheel Shah

Web Da Vinci

Manushi Sheth (IXD) won the 1st position in this web designing competition.
Darsh Patel Abhishek Shah Rutmik Vasava

Techtonic Hunt

Vidyanians made a clean sweep at the Techtonic Treasure Hunt (School-level)event with Rohit Rughwani (XD), Mohil Desai (XD) and Shivam Chandok (XB)winning the 1st, Jasmeet Gupta (IXC), Smit Patel(IXC) and Ritik Kothari(IXB) winning the 2nd and Darsh Patel (IXA), Rhea Mathews (IXC) and Shreya Paradkar(IXC)getting the 3rdpositions.



Milind Purswani (XIIA) and Yash Sodha (XIA)were winners of the Hackathon event that required participants to develop mobile applications on the spot. Said Kiran Patil, a professional web developer, who judged the competition: “It was for the first time that I am seeing school students being able to perform coding for applications which is a very complicated process. Programming languages are usually graduate-level courses. But these young children were able to code with ease”.
  Organised by the Baroda Association of Information Technology (BITA), the competition saw defending champions Team Vidyani retain the title with Yash Sodha (XIA), Abhishek Shah (XIA) and Kalp Shah (IXA) once again emerging as winners.
National Robotics School Competition

Techfest and Robokidz jointly hosted the National Robotics School Competition with the grand finale held at IIT Bombay. Techfest is IIT Bombay’s annual science and technology festival while Robokidz India is an organization that aims to expose children to the world of technology by organizing robotics workshops and competitions.

Payal Moorjani’S (IXC) presentation of HER ‘Line Follower Robot’ was selected by the organisers for uploading on YouTube. Payal made her robot follow a white line on a tricky black surface and also kick obstacles in its way with the help of a special kicker mechanism.

Vidyanians soaring high