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Children’s day out
November 14, 2014. What an amazing day!
Why do we say it was “amazing”? Because classes I to VIII went out for picnics to various sites by way of celebrating Children’s Day. The weather being just right for spending the day outdoors, the picnickers set off in the morning from school to their respective destinations, with everyone singing, chatting and snacking along the way.

Fun and Frolic at Kamatibaug
Our juniors of classes I and II, accompanied by their teachers, went off to Kamatibaug. The highlight of their picnic was the joyride on the ‘Sayaji Express’.  As the toy train chugged and tooted its way around the park, the children could hardly contain their excitement, squealing and shouting exuberantly! The games they played and the delicious snacks they polished off sitting on the grassy lawns proved to be an equally enjoyable experience as it marked a welcome change from the usual school routine.

The call to return sounded by teachers dampened their high spirits only temporarily. For, once back on board their buses, all were chattering nineteen to the dozen again.

Splendid times at ‘Ravines’
For classes III to VI, the picnic site was Ravines Resort, Fazalpur, near the Mahi river. It is a beautiful place with green expanses and flowers all around. Soon after arrival, students checked out the various adventure activities on offer, like Tyre Tumble, Wobbly Wheels, Rope Burma Bridge, The Commando Net, Tree Top and Flying Fox – the last voted the “most enthralling” by popular choice! The pleasant weather and the fresh outdoor air made their lunch boxes seem taste yummier and soon the “mountain” of food simply vanished. After resting for a while, the spirited youngsters of class V and VI went trekking to the river bank while class III tasted farm life in the form of a tractor ride round the premises. The resort echoed with the sound of games, laughter and cheerful yells of merriment and students had to be cajoled to make their way to the buses for the ride back to school. Everyone declared in one voice that it had been one of the most enjoyable and fun-filled days of their young lives!

A taste of heaven at Casa Paradise
Students of classes VII and VIII had a truly exhilarating day at Casa Paradise, a resort featuring adventure activities and a pet zoo located near the Ajwa-Nimeta gardens. Throwing up hands in the air and shouting at the top of their lungs was a common as children tried out the many adventure points that dot the resort. They also hugely enjoyed themselves going round the pet zoo and then playing a quick game of football followed by tug-of-war. But the star attraction of the day was, by common consensus, setting the dance floor on fire to the tune of some peppy numbers.

Later everyone sat down to a huge spread of goodies which, however, got polished off in no time at all! After all, they reasoned, running around the extensive grounds was enough to make anyone ravenous while the company of friends just upped the fun quotient.