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Annual Sports Meet 2019-20
"Never say never because limits, like fears, are often just an illusion" - Michael Jordan

Bringing alive this spirit was the Annual Sports Meet 2019-20 organized today, an extravaganza that was the culmination of a two-day build-up! Vidyanians displayed great fervour and manifested their athletic skills to the utmost to make the event truly live up to its billing of being the most exciting event in the school calendar!

The school ground was rimmed with flags in the four House colours and reverberated with cheers as the Meet commenced with a tuneful rendition by the choir to welcome everyone present. This was followed by the Meet being declared open by Principal Dr. Archana Mishra and a solemn oath taking to abide by the rules of fair play by the Sports Captains and Prefects. The impressive and synchronized March Past by the 4 House contingents set the tone of the day, while the acme of excitement was reached at the much-awaited races wherein our swift-footed athletes competed fiercely to set the tracks on fire and add points to their House tallies in their quest of the coveted Cock House Trophy!

The thrilling atmosphere got to our teachers, alumni members and kitchen and housekeeping staff too, as they exhibited their fleet footedness in their own races! Certainly, no one was left untouched by the current of excitement running through the Vidyani ground today!

The special prizes were finally bagged by:
  • 1) Best Athlete- Junior:   Girls- Karvi Desai (5B)
      Boys- Vansh Kansara (6D)
  • 2) Best Athlete-Senior:   Girls- Kanjani Soni(12 Gen)
      Boys- Kavish Shah (12 Sci)
  • 3) Karan Bhave Basketball Player of the year:   Shivang Nair (7 C)
  • 4) Sportsperson of the Year:  Jaskaran Singh Grewal (8 C)
The euphoria of Virtuous House broke all bounds when they were declared the winners of the Cock House trophy besides claiming the Best March Past Trophy too.

It was certainly a day filled with sportsmanship, enthusiasm and memories to cherish.

Annual Sports Meet
Annual Sports Meet 2018
Verve and Vivacity in the air...

It was a stirring finale to the invigorating Sports Week culminating in the Annual Sports Meet 2018-19 on December 1.

A spectacular, impressive and synchronized March Past by the 4 House contingents, including a special March Past Drill by the senior girls as a tribute to woman power, set the tone for the day. Embellishing the event further were the field displays, the Callisthenic Drill and Zumba Drill, which splattered much musical energy on the ground! But the highs were reserved for the much awaited races. Our fleet footed athletes competed with each other to set the tracks on fire and the excitement levels simply soared . The thrilling performances also aced points to their House tallies and helped in their quest of the coveted Cock House Trophy.

The roster of the various special prizes finally read like this :
  • 1) Best Athlete- Junior:   Girls- Vaidehi Dhaiphule (6D)
      Boys- Vansh Kansara (5D)
  • 2) Best Athlete-Senior:   Girls-Vrushali Ranadive (11Sc.)
      Boys- Tie between Smit Patel (12Sc.) and
      Shubh Ramchandani (9A)
  • 3) Karan Bhave Basketball Player of the year:   Girls-Kashish Surana (9D)
      Boys- Parva Oza (10A)
  • 4) Table Tennis Player of the Year:   Tilak Parikh (11 Gen.)
  • 5) Sportsperson of the Year:   Kanjani Soni (11 Gen.)
Further, the Navrachana Vidyani Girls' Teams who were Champions in the Cygnus Soccer Tournament (U-12) and Runners-up in the Times of India Claris Shield Football Tournament, were also felicitated for their fine exhibition of soccer talent that made them stamp their presence in the cityscape!

The ex-students' Relay Race and the Tug-of-War for parents added to the prevailing atmosphere of exhilaration, but the exuberance of Sannidhya House broke all bounds when they were declared the winners of the Cock House trophy besides claiming the Best March Past Trophy too!!

Definitely, it was a day when students, staff and parents came together to celebrate the sporting spirit and in the end, sports triumphed as the undisputed winner!!!

Annual Sports Meet
The Sports Week formally commenced from November 9 and culminated in the Annual Sports Meet on November 14, 2017. Additionally, it being Children’s Day too, teachers put up some entertaining performances for the students at the start of the event so as to make them feel extra special on ‘their’ day!

From November 9 to 13, the four Groups (ABCD) had their designated events, beginning with Group A events on the 9th, Group B on 10th, Group C on the 11th and Group D on the 13th. November 14 saw the finals of many races from across all the four groups. Inspired by their students setting the tracks on fire, teachers too displayed their sporting ability in a Tug-of-War game, pulling with all their might in a bid to outshine the rival tuggers! The Ex-Students’ Relay Race too turned out to be a truly thrilling affair with them not having lost their spark at all!

Sahyog House students were simply over the moon at winning the Cock House Trophy for Sports on the basis of scoring the maximum points in the various Team and Individual events as well as being the best at March Past too. The other special prize winners were as follows:

Best Athlete (Junior-Boys): Shaurya Lunagaria-III E
Best Athlete (Junior-Girls): Karvi Desai-III D
Best Athlete (Senior-Boys): Vrund Sheth-IX D
Best Athlete (Senior-Girls): Kanjani Soni-X D
Karan Bhave Basketball Player of the Year (Boys) – Hitanshu Patel-XII Gen.
Karan Bhave Basketball Player of the Year (Girls) – Kashish Surana-VIII D
Sportsperson of the Year – Vrushali Ranadive-XC
In the end, it was sports that won the day with all athletes participating in the true spirit of the game and sportsmanship!

Annual Sports Meet
All the Houses were spot on in their quest for the coveted Cock House Trophy during the Navrachana Vidyani Sports Week from December 21 to 23 that culminated in the Annual Sports Meet 2016 on December 24.

The final morning began with a synchronized March Past by the four House contingents (Grades 8-12 ) followed by thrilling track events, an entertaining Chair Drill by Grades 4-6, a Recreational Race by the Vidyani alumni, a riveting Callisthenic Drill by Grades 1-3 and an enthralling Field Dance by Grades 7-9.

The winners of the most coveted awards in the Prize Distribution ceremony were:
Best Athlete Award
Junior Girls - joint winners Janya Shah (VI) and Purva Patankar (VI)
Junior Boys - Daksh Patel (VI)
Senior Girls- Kanjani Soni (IX)
Senior Boys-Smit Patel (X)
Sports Person of the Year Award - Vrushali Ranadive (IX)
Best March Past Award - Sannidhya House.
Cock House Trophy for the Best House in Sports – Sankalp House.
Chief Guest Mr. Ketul Maheriya, the District Sports Officer of Vadodara, said that the sight of the Vidyani athletes burning up the tracks had taken him back to his own 'sprinting' days!
In the final reckoning, what ultimately ruled the day was sportsmanship, fair play, healthy competition and team spirit.
Annual Sports Meet