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Annual Concerts 2016
'Vishwamitri baheti kyun nahi?' and 'Nurture … Don't Neglect'

Navrachana Vidyani Vidyalaya, managed by the Navrachana Education Society (NES), is a premier English medium school of Vadodara, affiliated to the Gujarat State Education Board. Impelled by its motto of 'Transforming Potentiality into Reality', Vidyani's mission is to enable students to become the best that they can be. For this, the School provides multiple windows of opportunity so that students might find their own direction on basis of individual talent and the Annual Concerts are a major initiative in this direction.

Completely in-house productions combining art, music, dance, drama, oration and multimedia presentation, Annual Concerts 2016 too, like the previous editions, were theme-based, thereby serving as a means to instill values in the students. This year, through the Senior ('Vishwamitri baheti kyun nahi?' on December 9) and Junior ('Nurture … Don't Neglect' on December 10) Concerts, we hoped to make the audience introspect on the urgent need to 'give back' to nature and also cherish the environment, all living creatures and even humanity. The venue, the School Open Air Theatre, with its tree ringed setting, reinforced the theme of the beauty of nature and the appeal to protect it from destruction.

The Senior Concert, 'Vishwamitri baheti kyun nahi?', was a musical ballet that brought this theme to life by tracing the epic journey of Vadodara's very own River Vishwamitri and how it has suffered degradation in return for quenching the spiritual and physical thirst of the inhabitants of this city. The Concert was all about Vishwamitri, tracing its origin, mythical and historical importance and its present degraded position. Mythology says that River Vishamitri was originally invoked by Maharishi Vishwamitra who had his ashram in the holy Pavagad hills. Since then the river, also known as Kaushiki, has sustained Vadodara and been witness to it becoming 'sanskar nagri', assimilating different peoples and their cultures from all over the country who came and settled on its banks. However, in course of time, due to over population and industrial pollution, Vishwamitri has become choked and so the ballet left the audience soul searching for an answer to the question it raised: Why has the Vishwamitri stopped flowing?

The Senior Concert was thus, our contribution, in our own way, to the 'Revive Vishwamitri' movement, a project close to the hearts of the Chief Guest, Municipal Commissioner Dr. Vinod Rao, Guest of Honour, Chairman of Gujarat Life Sciences and renowned Agricultural Scientist Dr. M.H. Mehta and NES Chairperson Tejal Amin. Addressing the gathering, Dr. M.H. Mehta had said that he was overwhelmed by the theme of the event since it reflected the commitment of young people to the cause of restoring the city's river to its original free flowing form, a cause taken up by his 'Vaho Vishwamitri Abhiyan'. He also mentioned Dr. Vinod Rao's continuous support, both in his earlier capacity as Collector and now as the Municipal Commissioner. He concluded by urging the gathering to take a pledge to do all they could for their own river's revival because it was his conviction that any vision, if believed in strongly enough, surely translates into reality. Dr. Rao, on his part, said that he was constantly motivated by Dr. M.H. Mehta's untiring efforts to regenerate the river and so has placed it at the top of the agenda in developing Vadodara into a 'smart city'. He drove home the point that that for Vadodara to survive, Vishwamitri had to be revived.

On the other hand, the Junior Concert, 'Nurture … Don't Neglect', as befitted its young participants, was a fun-filled dramatic extravaganza that portrayed the much loved Mowgli on a quest to trace his beloved friend, Baloo, and the many lessons he imbibes on the way as he is helped by friends in his mission. It conveyed the message of 'Project Save' and prompted the audience to reaffirm their commitment to nature as also the values and relationships that qualify man to be termed as God's supreme creation.

Annual Concerts 2016, both Senior and Junior, were hence Navrachana Vidyani's contribution towards offering a value-based education that aimed to impress upon young minds the need to be responsible and caring both towards their environment as well as society.

Nurture … Don't Neglect
Vishwamitri BahetiKyun Nahi?