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Academic Prize Distribution Report 2016-2017

What may seem as bitter trials for some are actually challenges to be tackled head on for those who are determined achievers.

This was proved yet again at the Academic Prize Distribution Ceremony (2016-17) on June 24, 2017 wherein the efforts of those who went the extra mile was recognized and appreciated. While the event was an occasion for felicitating the proud prize winners in various categories, it also served to spur on the rest to make greater efforts to figure among the proud awardees the next time round. As for the achievers themselves, it was an honor for them to be acknowledged in front of the audience comprising their peers, teachers and the parents present on the occasion. The icing on the cake was, of course, receiving their prizes at the hands of the parents themselves! The latter too felt extremely happy at being given the chance to personally acknowledge the children's efforts. For sure, one more way of cementing the School-Family partnership that works so well in the students' favour!

A melodious Saraswati Vandana followed by an entrancing Raas (garba) performance elevated and enlivened the occasion, adding a cultural dimension to the already celebratory atmosphere in the Auditorium. Also, the award winning Sheri Natak (Street Play) performed by our student-artistes added further value to the program as it aimed to sensitise citizens about obstacles in the path of development and sent out an earnest appeal to be united in ensuring development for all.

The final roster of recipients of the various special awards read like this :

-  Khushi Thakkar Award (Best Singer) – Ayush Patel (IV A)
-  Harsh Thakkar Award (GK Topper) – Harshvardhan Sutaria (VII A)
-  Vidya Garima Award (School Topper- SSC ) – Himani Sharma (X A)
-  Chemistry Topper – Upayan Kumar Das (XII Sc.)
-  Vidya Gaurav (School Toppers- HSC) – Rucha Desai (XII Sc.)
   Shivani Zaveri (XII Gen.)
-  Curricular Excellence Award – Jaanya Shah (VI B ) – Junior Category
   Stuti Dholakia (XII Gen.) – Senior Category
-  Vidyani Polestar Award – Kaveesha Desai (XII Gen.)
-  Advitiya Child – Priyal Shah (VI B ) – Best Student: Junior Category
- Vidya Sarvashreshta Award – Nikita Rajan (XII E Gen.) Best Student: Senior     Category

Apart from these, the efforts of the Scholarship winners and the Student Council were also acknowledged. The former not only received their due instalments, but were also congratulated on being high above others in their scholastic performance and thereby meeting the tough eligibility criteria! The Council Members too were appreciated for their contribution towards making the daily life of the School smooth and disciplined along with taking great pains to ensure the success of all major School events. Of course, the venue resounded with cheer and exuberance when Sankalp House was declared the winner of the most coveted Cock House Trophy. Savoring the fruit of his and his Housemates' focussed hard work, Prefect Priyam Duggad remarked that, "It was a well deserved victory for the House as each team mate had toiled selflessly throughout the year."

For all the achievers, the day of 'magical moments' concluded with them being firmly resolute in their determination to surpass personal benchmarks and come back to receive more rewards for still greater achievements in next year's Prize Distribution function!