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Re-living the past … ANVVA Meet 2018-19

For a student school life is the most memorable of all. This was evident in the ANVVA Homecoming (Association of Navrachana Vidyani Vidyalaya Alumni) on January 11 2019, when more than 200 plus ex-students gathered to catch up on old times.

The evening began with the lighting of the lamp in the presence of NES Chairperson Tejal Amin, Principal Dr. Archana Mishra along with the core committee members of ANVVA followed by the Annual General Meet where Tejal Ma’am urged the young girls to come forward and actively participate and become a member of the core team.

The young adults had a blast when the games were played ranging from guessing a person or an area of the school to rapid fire rounds. They took a trip down the memory lane while they sang the school song and said the lunch prayer.

It is a real pleasure to know that all of them are doing good and we hope they keep coming back like this and share their stories of accomplishments.

ANVVA have a blast at NES Golden Jubilee Celebrations!!!

The inauguration ceremony of Navrachana Education Society’s Golden Jubilee Celebrations got off to a spectacular start with the initiation of several new projects by Chief Minister Shrimati Anandiben Patel. ANVVA ( Association of Navrachana Vidyani Vidyalaya Alumni), to whom these year-long celebrations have been dedicated, turned out in large numbers- many very nostalgic about making a re-appearance after several years. Mr. Pulasta Dhar, who represented ANVVA, delivered a speech at the function, which was appreciated and enjoyed by the audience.

The ex-students also enjoyed a special dinner and a visual presentation reminiscing their school days. The informal counter set-up by four of our ex-students, displaying their own creations(i.e. T-shirts and hoodies embossed with the school logo and name) sold off like hot cakes.
Picking up old threads…ANVVA Meet 2014
  Reunions are special occasions that serve to renew old ties and the Association of Navrachana Vidyani Vidyalaya Meet on January 4 2014 once again provided the alumni a chance to catch up with all that had transpired since they last parted ways.

The reigning mood of the evening was thus of joyful nostalgia as ex-Vidyanians shared anecdotes from their years in the School. The basement auditorium resounded with the strains of music and dance as members of the alumni took to the stage with the teachers of the Performing Arts department. The cultural performance also included a dance recital by Himani Sharma of class VII.

Next on the agenda was the laying out ANVVA’s future course of action and calling for nominations to the various posts as detailed in the ANVVA Constitution. The alumni were also invited to come forth with their suggestions regarding execution of the planned activities of the Association. After the nomination process was over, it was announced that the formal appointment of the office bearers would take place at a mutually convenient date to be intimated later. Also, it was declared that the first Saturday of January (unless it was January1) would be the date fixed for the ANVVA Meet every year.

Some members of the alumni then shared their life’s experiences and achievements after leaving their alma mater. Significantly, all of them stressed that the lessons of discipline, integrity and responsibility imbibed in Vidyani had remained with them as they moved forward in life, helping them both in their endeavours to script success stories as also to overcome setbacks. The lavish dinner that followed was the perfect conclusion to a special evening and also provided the opportunity to make plans for the next meet.

February 5 2014 was the date of the formal constitution of the various Committees and oath taking by the office bearers. The alumni members who assumed office were:

Dr. Samip Seth (batch of 2003) - Member, Committee of Permanent Members
Milan Jain (batch of 2006) - Member, Committee of Permanent Members
Karna Deshmukh (batch of 2011) – Member, Nominated Council
Vivek Pujara (batch of 2013) – Member, Nominated Council

They were administered the Oath of Office by Headmistress Sonal Verma and solemnly pledged to discharge their duties in the spirit of the ANVVA Constitution. They promised to work for the welfare of all Vidyanians, both past and present, as also for society at large and declared that they would always uphold the core values of the School.

This function, thus, marked the commencement of ANVVA activities in a formal and systematic manner in a bid to ensure that the Association’s Constitution is implemented and its objectives realized in time to come.