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Rooting for planet Earth!

Vidyanians were simply phenomenal at the ‘Bhoomi Feast’ organized by the Geography Department of MS University from January 3 to 5. Word masters Jaanya Shah (IXA) claimed the 1st position in Elocution for fluently holding forth on her topic 'Water pollution: the upcoming crisis we must deal with', and Jia Haria (IXC) was 2nd in Essay Writing for her cogent views on the subject of 'Carbon Footprints: Realising how polluting humans are to become better'. Further, while innovative modellers, Pujan Tank and Darsh Kadakia (IXD), secured the 1st and the Runners-Up position in Model Making, artists Kashish Desai (IX D) and Khushi Shah (IXA) too followed suit by bagging the first two spots in Poster Making by showcasing their calibre in posters highlighting Climate Change and Environmental Change! Significantly, both Pujan’s model, which produces electricity using hydel power and Darsh’s waste collection cleansing boat, were made out of waste material! True champions of planet indeed!

Jia Haria, Kashish Desai, Pujan Tank, Darsh Kadakia, Jaanya Shah & Khushi Shah

A book to her name already!

Muskaan Arothe (XA) officially turned author as she got her book ‘Panipuri – The Taste of Love’ published. A heart-warming story, it is a tale told straight from the heart of our budding writer!
Says Muskaan, “Though it was very difficult to convert my ideas into dialogue form, I felt really happy while writing the book because I was getting to tell my story. I was inspired by Danielle Steel as I am a huge fan of hers”.

Wordsmiths indeed!

Vidyanians Saumya Shah (5B) and Shaily Mulani (8A) had participated in the Baroda-Anand Inter-School Oral Round of Marrs International Spelling Bee competition held on August 18 and 19. While Saumya with her irreproachable oral skills claimed the Champion’s Trophy in her group, Shaily won the 3rd position in hers on the strength of their impressive display of fluent oral communication skills!

Further, at the Gujarat State Championship \, Vidyani won a host of prizes with Dev Thakkar (VIA) clinching the 1st spot, Pratham Patel (IXB) and Madhav Vriadiyao (VID) securing the 2nd place and Kavya Lodha (VIA) the 3rd in their respective categories!

Undoubtedly, words and spellings are their forte!

Eloquence at its best

Dhun Navale (11Gen.) with her captivating take on Puck, one of Shakespeare’s most endearing characters, clinched the 1st position in 'Monologue Delivery' in a field of sixteen contestants while Harshi Patel's (6D) creative poetic diction secured her the Consolation Prize in 'Kavi ki Kalpana' at ‘Expressions 2019’ , the Nalanda Multi-event Competition held on September 14.

A flair for the language

The Science Olympiad Foundation (established by leading academicians, scientists and media personalities with the aim of promoting the core subjects amongst students both in India and abroad) conducts the International English Olympiad (IEO) in partnership with British Council. IEO is an international search for young maestros in English language and assesses their communication skills.

Vedanshi Patel (III-B) secured Zonal Rank-9 in the Gujarat, Daman and Diu and Dadra and Nagar Haveli Zone in October 2017 and then followed it up with an International Rank-16 in the February 2018 edition!

A 'spell’-binding performance

Sharly Griglani (IV C) and Vinay Patel (VII A) competed against 200 participants from 75 schools across Gujarat to secure their places in the Top Five rankers in the State Championship Finals of the Marrs International Spelling Bee held on December 23.

The MaRRS International Spelling Bee, conducted by MaRRS Intellectual Services Pvt. Ltd. for Asian school children, goes beyond just spellings and tests competency in English communication and comprehension skills too. Displaying their mastery over English spelling and vocabulary, Vinay clinched the 2nd and Sharly the 4th spot to make it amongst the best in this rigorous contest!

(Left) Vinay Patel,(Right) Sharly Griglani
A way with words

Navrachana Vidyani claimed the Rolling Shield in the 'Kala Junction' Inter-School Essay Writing Competition organised by United Way of Baroda on January 27 with Prachii Patel (IXC) winning the 1st position (Seniors)Rachel Agarwal (VII B) securing the 3rd place (Juniors) !

Both Prachii and Rachel were fluent, cogent and creative in expressing their views on their respective topics of 'What is equality?' and 'If there weren't any schools'. Together, the pair made sure that they claimed the champion’s mantle for Vidyani!

Wordsworth in action

Tapur Adroja (IV B) won the 3rd position in the Essay Writing Competition organised by Kangaroos, a non-profitable organisation that encourages creativity in children. Apart from Tapur, there were also a host of other Vidyanians who bagged the Little Star Award and the Golden Star Award for their impeccable writing skills.

Spell Well !

Chahiti Makhijani (3 B) is one of the proud recipients of the third rank in Category II (as per the Grade level of the academic year 2016-17) in the Star Championship final round at the Marrs Spell Bee Competition.

Congratulations Chahiti for this remarkable feat after competing in this State level round against participants from 70 Schools from across Gujarat on December 3, 2017.


War of Words !

Pitted against 42 participants (from 21 schools), Tithi Patel was declared the first runner up in the 34th Inter School Debate Competition for the Baselios rolling trophy, organized by Baselios Public School, on December 15 . Tithi came out strongly in support of the motion "Is GST a good and simple tax as the government claims?" Congratulations Tithi for your achievement.

  SOCLEEN Inter School Seminar Write-up Competition
Dhwani Patel and Krishika Pahilwani of Class IX won the 3rd prize at the event which was a part of the Seminar proceedings. The topic was 'Household Waste: Garbage to Gold', and participants were provided with technical solutions to bring about productive use of household waste. The competition required Dhwani and Krishika to express their views and concerns about the issues deliberated at the Seminar.

Student Senate Debate Competition

The Chhatra Parishad is an organisation for and by the youth aimed at motivating young people to be socially and politically active in working for the welfare of the nation. To this end, the 3rdChhatraSansad aims to mobilise and motivate young people so that they focus on opportunities instead of problems and deliberate upon how they can improve our country. The Annual Conclave will feature 4 Student Speakers, (2 school students and 2 college students) and 4 dignitaries as Guest Speakers. Selection for the 2 School Student Speakers was conducted on August 27 at Navrachana Vidyani in the form of a Debate involving participants from 20 schools. Vidyanian Yash Jain (X D) was selected as one of the School Student Speakers and will share the dais with eminent guest speakers at the Conclave. We are sure you will look out for India in future times!


'The Pinnacle' 2016
Vidyanians participated in 'The Pinnacle' Inter-School multi-event competition organised by Cygnus World School on October 22 and brought home a host of honours.

While Aliasgar Dalal and Rachel Agrawal (V A),Bhagya Patel and Ruchi Lad (V B), and Pranay Sharma and Tithi Nayak(V D) won the 2nd position in Choral Recitation, Jaanya Shah (VI B) claimed the 'Commendable Performance Certificate' in the'Jam' (Just a Minute) event. The Vidyani Team of debaters, Dhruv Desai and Yesha Shah(VII B), too received the 'Commendable Performance Certificate' for winning the battle of words in the Debate competition on the topic 'Perseverance and determination are more important than talent to achieve success'.

Jaanya Shah (VI B) , Rachel Agrawal (V A), Aliasgar Dalal, Bhagya Patel and Ruchi Lad (V B), Dhruv Desai and Yesha Shah(VII B) Pranay Sharma and Tithi Nayak(V D)

Navrachana Model United Nations (NAVMUN) 2016
Parliamentarian-in-making, Jasmeet Gupta (XISc.),emerged tops once again by winning the 'High Commendation' Award at NAVMUN organised by Navrachana School Sama. The event was a simulation of the UN wherein students debated over global issues over three days from October 21-23. Participants took on the role of delegates representing various member countries of the UN in a set of committees and addressed current issues with the policies and perspectives of their assigned countries.

Jasmeet was a part of the United Nations Human Rights Council (UNHRC) and the agenda for deliberation was 'Preventing electoral violence in Africa.'


Baselios Rolling Trophy
Team Vidyaniwon the Rolling Trophy at the 33rd Inter-School Debate Competition organized by the Society of St. Basil, Baroda, on December20.

The Vidyani debaters locked horns with participants from20 schools in the Junior Category and 16 schools in the Senior Category to claim the Trophy by dint of the combined efforts of Junior debaters, Krisha Modi (VIII B) and Khush Shah (VIII A), as well as the Senior Team comprising Anushka Mukherjee (XII Gen.) and Rishika Davda (XII Sc.)

While the Juniors deliberated on the topic, 'Should Social Networking sites be banned for the children below the age of 12?' the Senior brigade convincingly put forth their views on 'Will imposing NEET be a boon or a bane for the medical aspirants in India?'

Congratulations Vidyani orators for bagging the Rolling Trophy for the second consecutive year!

L to R : Krisha Modi (VIII B) and Khush Shah (VIII A)
L to R : Anushka Mukherjee, Rishika Davda
Inter-School Elocution Championship 2017
Priyal Shah (VI B) bagged the 'Junior J.K Rowling Award' at the Elocution competition organized on February 10by 'all for kids', a Mumbai-based organization devoted to enhancing the oratorical skills of students. The event witnessed a field of 20 schools and Priyal eloquently held forth on her topic, 'Friendship is Forever', to win over both the judges and the audience.
Mar Philoxinos Rolling Trophy
The Society of St. Basil, Baroda, had organized the 18th Inter-School Quiz Competition for the Rolling Trophy on December 21. The Vidyani Team comprising Jiya Haria (VI A), Harshvardhan Sutaria (VIIA) and Tithi Patel (VIII A) competed against 20 schools to emerge as one of the finalists along with 3 other schools. The dedication and the wit of the students paid off and after a stiff competition between the four teams, Team Vidyani emerged as Champions to claim the Rolling Trophy.

L to R : Jiya Haria, Harshvardhan Sutaria and Tithi Patel
Dr. Nanubhai Amin Science, Environment and Society Debate 2016

Organised by Navrachana University, the purpose of the Inter-School Debate Competition is to enable school students to go beyond the curriculum, engage with real life issues of global importance, especially those concerning the environment, take a stand and voice their opinions. The event thus aims to facilitate their development into socially committed and sensitive citizens.

Team Vidyani, comprising Aruvi Dave (XISc.) and Stuti Dholakia (XIGen.), was declared Runners- up in the Regional Round of the Inter-School Competition organized by Navrachana University on August 4. The motion for the Debate was ‘It is unfair to prioritize human rights over animal rights’ and Aruvi and Stuti, speaking against the motion, received a Certificate and a cheque of Rs. 1000/ each for convincingly establishing their point amongst the 38 teams in the fray.

It was truly a thought provoking topic for both participants and audience alike since it is a hotly-debated issue at present, with people being sharply divided over the ethics of allowing trials and tests to be done on animals.

Baselios Rolling Trophy for English Debate

Vidyani debaters stood out amongst 54 other participants from different schools of Gujarat to lift the Rolling Trophy in the Inter School Debate competition organized by the Society of St. Basil.Both the Junior (Helly Shah-VIII D and Hetvi Gandhi-VIII C) and Senior (Anushka Mukherjee-XI Gen and Rishika Davda-XI Sc) Teams put across their views with conviction and then forcefully defended their position in the Rebuttal Round to take Vidyani to the winning post!

While the Junior group aired their opinions on 'Should Yoga be made compulsory in the School Curriculum?' the Senior debaters had deliberated upon the burning issue of 'Should Capital Punishment be abolished in India?'

It was a great learning experience for the participants since by listening to the other contestants, they picked up valuable pointers on how to further improve their oratory skills.

Inter-School Essay Writing Competition

Prashil Sharma (IXA) won the 1st position in the Inter-School Essay Writing event of the 'Language and Culture Festival' organized by the Dept. of Linguistics, MS University. The two-day multi-event programme was conducted to mark the 'International Mother Language Day' celebrated every year on February 21.

Prashil penned down his thoughts on the topic, 'Effects of Social Media on Language Use in Recent Times', to triumph over 32 other challengers in the field!

Dr. Nanubhai Amin Science, Environment and Society Debate 2015

Dr. Nanubhai Amin Science, Environment and Society Debate 2015
Organised by Navrachana University, the purpose of the Inter-School Debate Competition is to enable school students to go beyond their text books and engage with life in society, understand issues, take a stand and argue for it. The event thus aims to contribute towards their development into socially responsible and sensitive citizens.

The topic for the Vadodara Regional Round was: "Public Hygiene and Sanitation is a Cultural Problem in India" and 18 schools from the city were pitted against each other in the war of words.

After putting forth their points of view in Level-1, 4 teams were selected for Level-2 wherein the team comprising RishikaDavda and Jahanvi Shah (XI Sci.) speaking for the motion, was declared Runners-up. Rishika and Jahanvi received a Certificate and cheque of Rs. 1000/- each.

It was truly a learning experience for the participants as well as the audience since the motion of the debate was very relevant in the context of the nation-wide Swachh Bharat Abhiyan.

3rd BIFO National Teacher Education Award – 2015

InchargeRintaChaudhari was awarded the 3rd BIFO (Bombay Stock Exchange International Finance Olympaid) National Teacher Education Award – 2015 in a ceremony held at the BSE Convention Centre, Mumbai.

The award, comprising a Certificate of Appreciation and a cash prize of Rs.10, 000/, is jointly instituted by Eduheal Foundation (EHF) and Bombay Stock Exchange Institute (BSEI) and is given to 18 teachers from 9 zones across India in recognition of initiatives taken to enhance financial literacy in their schools.

The Chief Guest on the occasion was Ex-Joint Secretary CBSE S.P. Rana along with Guests of Honour BSEI CEO Ambrish Dutta and EHF Managing Trustee Dr. Sandeep Ahlawat.

A book to her name already!