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  School Cinema – instilling values to make better citizens

This session, Navrachana Vidyani has incorporated School Cinema, a learning module on life-skills, values and attitudes for students, parents and teachers, imparted through award-winning films and engaging activities, in the Life Skills curriculum. An initiative that commenced on July 22 with parents of Classes II, VI and X, and teachers of Classes I to X, the programme will gradually cover parents of other classes too.

Parents of Class II watched the movie 'The Glass Jar' which portrayed how a child learns all good things from his father, thus reaffirming that children learn more by watching others than by listening. Class VI parents took in 'Conditions Apply' that showed how, in order to fulfill the parents' aspiration, the child is all down and depressed. The film thus strongly advocated that parents should not impose their desires on their children. It was a different perspective on offer for parents of Class X who watched 'Best Friends forever' depicting the dilemma of guardians who hesitate to give their children the freedom to have their own social life.The teachers too watched their respective modules all of which stressed the fact that each student is precious and different from others.

On August 5,the initiative continued with the parents of Class I students, who were shown the film 'Bluetooth'. The primary message of the movie was to help the parents understand how they could be their child's role model by modeling their own behaviour. August 26 was the turn of parents whose wards were in Classes III, V and IX. Class III parents were shown the movie 'Beyond Belief' that highlighted the most rampant problem that children of this age group face - Child Sexual Abuse. The main motive was to spread awareness regarding this burning issue so as to secure our young ones. Parents of Class V viewed 'Tick Tock Time Emporium' that reiterated the age old fact that parents should spend substantial quality time with their children and not try to compensate with material things. The motion picture 'Hanging up' helped the parents of Class IX students to realize the distinction between encouragement and putting constant pressure to perform.

Each module always concludes with a follow up session wherein the viewers fill up a questionnaire based on the film they have watched. This helps to consolidate the life lessons imparted by the particular film besides reinforcing the message that tender, impressionable young minds have to be given a conducive environment in which they can flourish to their full potential.

Both parents and teachers have gained valuable insights after taking in these class appropriate modules that use cinematic storytelling, emotional connect and visual appeal to address real life challenges while the My Cinema Book engages students at 3 levels of learning – awareness, understanding and action.

Such efforts go towards laying a strong foundation for building the future citizens of this country besides cementing the School-Family partnership even more strongly than before!


Greening the cityscape
The Vadodara Municipal Corporation had proposed a massive tree plantation drive 'Mission Million Trees' last year. Under the initiative, the civic body proposed to plant one million trees in the city during the monsoon months. This year the drive was officially launched on July 18 under the leadership of Municipal Commissioner Shri Vinod Rao. The inaugural ceremony saw a host of dignitaries in attendance, including the Hon. Minister of Education Shri Bhupendrasinh Chudadama, the Hon. Mayor Shri Bharat Dangar and members of the Gujarat Vidhan Sabha. The distinguished audience was briefed about the importance of taking to the people ('prachar') such tree plantation drives and also about the on going khadi popularisation programmes and the progress made in these areas. The event also featured the screening of a video outlining the future project of 'Green Vadodara'. Each school present on the occasion was presented with two saplings and made to promise that they would assume the responsibility of nurturing them from that moment onwards.

It was thus a function replete with significance for our two student representatives, Smit Modi (XI Gen.) and Kavisha Desai (XII Gen.), for they perceived that the duty to re-green our planet lies with each one of us. And Navrachana Vidyani took up the gauntlet, enthusiastically embarking upon the initial task of sensitizing students to this mammoth responsibility. Subsequently, on August 19, Principal Sonal Verma distributed saplings to students of Classes IV to VII in order to inspire the younger lot to take to the path of 'Go Green'!

By way of follow-up, Mr. Hitarth Pandya from the 'Mission Million Trees' campaign came by on August 21 to provide guidance regarding the proper nurture of the saplings. Briefing the youngsters about the Mission, he gave them pointers on how to take care of the plants given to them and further advised that the children should find different economical methods of protecting the plants. He also shared his own stories and posed questions to the students, thus making the entire session extremely interactive and interesting for the young audience.

Vadodara derives its name from the banyan tree itself and we are committed to make this extremely laudable initiative a success, both for the city's beautification as well as for a cleaner environment.


An endeavour to breathe life into the Vishwamitri 'Vaho Vishwamitri'

The Community Science Centre has taken the lead in providing a common platform to every citizen to contribute towards the revival of River Vishwamitri, a programme underway since 2009 under the 'Vaho Vishwamitri Abhiyan'. This year, as part of the campaign, camps have been organised at various schools in Vadodara, Bharuch and Panchamahal districts, and one such camp was held at Navrachana Vidyani on August 19.

Students of Classes VII to IX watched a short film prepared by the Nature Walk Group members that showed citizens' views on how to bring about the holistic revival of River Vishwamitri. The children had an intensely interactive session with Mr. Jitendra Gavali (Director, Community Science Centre), who shared how the river possesses its own unique bio-diversity. Later, in his inspiring speech, Dr. M. H Mehta (Padmashri awardee, Chairman of Gujarat Life Sciences and a renowned Agricultural Scientist) talked about the efforts made by his team to bring about awareness in people and motivating them to take even one step towards reviving the river. Vidyanians also got an exclusive opportunity to witness a live demonstration of how to make seed balls and then later made some themselves to take to Sama pond for dispersal.

The camp was indeed worthwhile as the present generation, who will one day determine the future course of this nation, was well able to understand the importance of reviving the natural environment for the sake of our own continued survival.


VIMUN - 2nd innings!
Today marked the culmination of the two-day event wherein the delegates vehemently put forth their viewpoints so as to bag the coveted 'Best Delegate' award in their respective committees. The committee sessions and the General Assembly saw delegates enthusiastically discussing different agendas related to real world problems and also, crisis that take place worldwide.

When they knew awards were up for grabs, they left no stone unturned in stating all facts they had and trying to convince their respective chairs.
They seemed to have turned diplomats of the real world!
Much was gained and much was learnt but in the end, more diplomacy seemed to be in the air than the chair!
Well done, team VIMUN and hope these delegates prove to become worthy citizens of tomorrow!

The ‘Swachh Vidyani ‘campaign
The clean person is not the one who runs away from dirt but one who takes the time and makes the effort to tidy-up a dirty environment.
And the ‘Swachhata in School’ campaign launched in Vidyani is based on just this premise of active student participation in small activities leading to over all cleanliness and tidiness in the school. Students, led by Council Members, ensure that the School premise remains litter free with all waste being disposed off in dustbins provided for the purpose. As NES Chairperson and Brand Ambassador of Swachh Bharat Abhiyan Tejal Amin has said, “The sense of cleanliness has to be instilled among students from a young age.” Further, Vidyani has been transformed into a ‘green school’ with numerous potted plants dotting the campus.
October 1, 2015. Our Hon. Prime Minister’s vision of a clean India took shape on a small scale with Vidyani participating in the Rotary Baroda Metro’s initiative to involve school children in the Swachh Vadodara Abhiyan. For Vidyani, it was in continuation of the ‘Swachhata in School’ drive and the morning saw all Vidyanians, students and staff, wielding brooms, mops and dusters with protective face masks on to secure themselves from the dirt. The one-hour intense effort that totally cleaned the campus and the area just outside the School gates made the environment so pleasing that everyone determined to try and keep it that way at all times!
We Vidyanians have in truth begun to be the change we want to see in the world!

Spreading smiles and happiness...
Incepted in 2005 by Amitabh Shah, Chief Inspiration Officer, Yuva Unstoppable is a not-for-profit organization thatstarted off with a small group of enthusiastic individuals and today, it has mobilized more than 1,20,000 young people in its endeavour to “create a better world to live in”.
On August 3, the Yuva Team briefed senior Vidyanians about the activities planned for the year and also initiated a soap collection drive. Soaps collected from students were to be distributed amongst the needy in an effort to make them conscious about adopting proper hygienic habits.
In a week-long drive, the combined efforts of the Student Council and the YUVA team resulted in about 1500 soaps being collected for distribution amongst the underprivileged. On August 22, those soaps were given away to the students of Jeevan Chetna,a nearby school. Additionally, those students were also sensitized about the importance of sanitation and hygiene in ensuring a healthy life. Using songs, skits and jokes to enliven the awareness programme, the Vidyani YUVAcell managed to get the message across in a fun-filled manner.
The soap collection drive was thus an intenselysatisfying experience for all concerned – not just the Jeevan Chetna students but also the Vidyanians who responded to the call and the Council Members who orchestrated the entire effort.
With this initiative, the Student Council has made a move towards fulfilling its agenda to spread awareness regarding health, hygiene and sanitation. We hope that we continue to show the way to our peers!

NVV Tech Club - A meeting ground for techno geeks
The modern world is all about technology and the NVV Tech Club is a student initiative by a group of technology buffs. It is the brainchild of a few senior Vidyanians and is the outcome of their determined efforts to provide a common platform for like-minded students to interact, share knowledge and explore computing areas that go beyond the prescribed curriculum.
The goal of the Tech Club is simple: “Permeate computing knowledge and engender adroitness in the field of technology.” For this, to begin with, the Club plans to offer courses on Abode After Effects, Python, Java and Electronics. The course duration will be of 5 to 7 months, spread over bi-weekly sessions held every Tuesday and Saturday after school hours. Apart from the peer teaching by the senior student faculty, interestingly, local faculties from Google and Microsoft will also be invited to interact with the Club Members and give them the benefit of their specialized inputs.
However, the Club’s activities will not be restricted to just teaching but include organizing competitions and initiating projects like making motion activated lights (the first one to be taken up), making android apps and even making movies with spectacular special effects.
Says Director NVV Tech Club and a Founder Member, Sahil Parikh (XII Sc): “The primary aim of us four collaborators – Council President and Tech Club Incharge Hrishi Vora (XII Sc), Yash Sodha (XII Sc), Darsh Patel (XA) and I – is to spark an interest in computers in the student community. And it is desirable that one begins to venture into advanced computing right from class VIII itself as there is just too much to know and learn.”
According to the student members, they are greatly enjoying the sessions and seeing the involvement of their seniors has motivated many of them to determine that they too would take up teaching responsibilities so that Club activities can continue unhindered once Sahil, Hrishi and Yash pass out this year.

We collaborate to learn together, learn more
The Vidyani Collaborative Anusandhan and Pradarshan (V-CAP)Programme is now into its third year and continues to be one of the main ways in which the Multiple Intelligence Theory is incorporated in teaching-learning. Also, the ‘small-group learning’ in a cooperative environment allows students to learn from each other and gain important interpersonal, critical thinking and negotiating skills – skills that are essential in real life. As the name suggests, students have been researching (Anusandhan) on their assigned tasks together and then making presentations based on their learning (Pradarshan).
As in the earlier years with ‘Footprints’ and then ‘Internationalism’, this time round too, the theme ‘Expressions’ is a reflection of an underlying objective – enhancing the effective communication skills of Vidyanians. Thus, the various activities planned for Semester-I like Story Telling, Conversation, Extempore, Elocution and Debate were designed to improve the oratory skills of students by focusing on the specific areas of Fluency, Pronunciation, Voice Modulation and Stage Presence.
All students, from Classes I to X, thus got a chance to showcase their creativity using their sills of spoken expression. For those who had hitherto been hesitant in speaking, the V-CAP periods provided an opportunity to gain confidence as they could get to try out in a small group before speaking to the whole class or on stage. For the teacher too, a collaborative learning environment provides more time to work with individuals since students majorly learn by way of self-discovery and knowledge sharing in doing their group work.
Thus, the V-CAP initiative is based on the premise that learning is a social activity and so when students collaborate, they accomplish more than they would as individuals and also that they have more fun learning together.
Wireless Robotics Workshop @ NVV
Robokidz India organized a ‘Wireless Robotics Workshop’ at Navrachana Vidyani Vidyalaya for the senior students. The workshop helped the participants in understanding the use of sensors, microcontrollers, microcontroller programming and mechanical design of autonomous robots. The students learnt the difference between Manual and Programming Robots, basic syntax of learning and gained knowledge of Infra Red Lights. They’ve also received a kit that contains microcontroller board, IR sensors, adaptor of power supply and spares for robot construction.
NASA - Space Trek Report
22 Vidyani students, accompanied by 2 teachers, have winged their way to the U.S. for ‘Space Trek’ Robotics Program at NASA’s Kennedy Space Center.

Interestingly, the agenda includes a visit to the Space Shuttle Atlantis building and IMAX Shows. Between November 27 to December 9, 2014 the group will participate in the program and also take in the sights and sounds of Washington DC and New York city, before touching down at Vadodara.
“ Bon Voyage ”!!!
Drum Fest@VCCI
Honourable Chief Minister of Gujarat Smt. Anandiben Patel inaugurated VCCI Exhibition held at Navlakhi Grounds, Vadodara which also included the campaigning of ‘Swachha Bharat Abhiyan’  on 27th November 2014.  A ‘Drum Fest’ conducted by ‘taalinc’ – an institute based in Pune was held at VCCI wherein students of schools all over Vadodara participated.  10 students from Navrachana Vidyani Vidyalaya were also a part of this grand event.

Students: Priyansh Shah 10C, Shail Shah 9C, Kartik Desai 9B, Manav Panchal 8C, Devax  Vaghela 8C, Parth Shah 10A, Araham Tinwala 10C, Kahan Dhubad 7C, Daksh Shah 10 C and Maharsh Bhatt 10B.
Woman empowerment at Vidyani
  The Navrachana Education Society (NES) is justifiably reputed for providing access to quality holistic education in the various institutions functioning under its management, including NavrachanaVidyaniVidyalaya. And, reflecting this commitment to foster all-round excellence, is the Vidyani motto of realising the potential inherent in each student.

Unfortunately, India continues to be bogged down by gender bias, leading to discriminatory practices and even widespread atrocities, against women.In this scenario, when the nation is reeling under a spate of attacks against women, it has become imperative to first ensure their personal safety. Else, their aspirations can never take flight because women would always be hampered by safety concerns.

Therefore, in an endeavour aimed at stemming the growing tide of crime against women, NES Chairperson Tejal Amin and Navrachana Vidyani Vidyalaya Principal Rekha Mishra have initiated a programme to train Vidyani girl students in self defence.The School thus offers a “Self Defence Techniques” programme for girls of class V onwards, free of cost. The training, conducted by a qualified trainer, is of 6-months duration, 1 hour, twice a week, in the School premises at Sama. Students who have opted to take advantage of this unique opportunity to equip themselves against potential threats to their well-being, have been divided into 3 batches of 50 students each for the entire duration of the training (November 22, 2014 to April 30, 2015).

Further, Vidyani Vidyalaya intends to spread awareness about the importance of self defence in a girl’s life among other schools of the city too. For, it is the School’s firm belief that if women cannot move around freely without fearing for their personal safety, how will India ever ensure that her daughters can become whatever they choose to be according to their inclination?

Green Initiative@Vidyani …e-waste collection drive

Irresponsible disposal of e-waste (electrical and electronic waste) harms human health by polluting the environment. Hence, Vadodara Mahanagar Seva Sadan (VMSS) in association with ECS Environment Pvt. Ltd. has initiated an e-waste management drive designed to ensure “Swachh Vadodara …e-Waste Free Vadodara.”

Navrachana Vidyani Vidyalaya is taking this environment friendly initiative launched by Honourable Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi to the students in an effort to reach out to their parents and sensitise them about scientific e-waste disposal.

We are proud to say that on November 21, 2014 Vidyanians responded enthusiastically and handed over e-waste to representatives from ECS for environment friendly recycling and disposal.  Special mention must be made of Abhishek Kadam (class VA) who has contributed 102.5 kgs of e-waste by way of fulfilling his commitment to make Vadodara e-waste free!

Well done Vidyanians! Once again you have proved that you possess a strong social consciousness and were serious when you took the oath to “I Swear. I Care” on November 19 when first introduced to the programme.

Compassion Week Report
The Times of India group declared June 28 as ‘Compassionate Day’ and Navrachana Vidyani Vidyalaya decided to be a part of this unique initiative aimed at sensitising people to the needs of the less fortunate in society.

‘A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step’ and so our school decided to observe June 25 to June 28 as ‘Compassion Week’. In our own small way, we wanted to contribute to society in whatever manner we could. A list of activities was drawn up – small but significant gestures of kindness and sympathy that would brighten up the lives of those whom we intended to interact with.

  On the first day, we decided to serve food to the kitchen staff by way of saying thanks for serving us piping hot delicious mid-day meals every day of the school. The Student Council, along with volunteers from classes VII, VIII and IX, served them with enthusiasm and respect, realizing in the process, the herculean task involved in feeding the entire student and staff body on a daily basis. The kitchen staff was overwhelmed by the experience and thanked us warmly for the unique experience. Induben, a female staffer, gave voice to their feelings at the next day’s morning assembly and shared with the whole school how delighted and happy they all had felt.

The second day saw us assisting the security guards in managing the chaotic traffic outside the school gates during entry and dispersal times. Members of the Student Council and student volunteers took up their designated positions at 7.30 am and directed vehicles so as to ensure smooth flow of traffic.  At 2.00 pm, whistles in hand, we were back again at the gates, making sure that dispersal went off as smoothly as entry in the morning. The watchman was made to sit back and relax while we took over his duties for a day! 

The third and fourth day was devoted to bringing joy into the lives of the children of the construction workers who were laboring to make a new building for our comfort and convenience. Vidyanians from various classes played with those children and also took the initiative to teach them craftwork like boats, birds, flowers etc. made of paper. They really enjoyed themselves once they got over their initial shyness and proved to be quick learners indeed.

The ‘Compassion Week’ was truly a memorable experience for all of us involved in its planning and execution. We learnt the invaluable lesson that in giving lies real pleasure and sharing only increases happiness, causing joy to both the giver and the receiver.
Organ donation week
  Dear Vidyanians,

Organ donation campaign... Times of India...

The Times Of India invites you to give a second life to someone. Please join the organ donation campaign launched as part of 'I Lead India' initiative in the run up to Organ Donation Day on August 6.

As an enlightened citizen of India and a proud Barodian, spare a few minutes, sign up on and share information on

Lets donate !!

Rekha Mishra,
Principal, NVV