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The Science stream offers :
Language - English (compulsory for all)
Group A - Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics, Computers
Group B - Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Computers
Group AB - Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics, Biology, Computers
The General Stream offers :
  Two Languages : English, Gujarati / Hindi
Electives : Accountancy, Business Organization, Economics, Statistics, Computers.
Arts - Accountancy, Business Organization, Economics, Computers and Psychology
  Their aesthetic skills are further honed through several courses. The students are enabled to discover their inner selves and are offered a glimpse into the real world which enables them to develop societal responsibilities and to be fully equipped to face the future. Keeping this in mind the following short term modules of forty days are introduced in the General Stream :- (with certificates awarded in a minimum of four areas) Every year new areas are added which are in vogue.
1. Value Added Program involving Personality Development and Spoken English
2. Human Resource Management       
3. Marketing Management
4. Business Etiquette
5. Entrepreneurship Development
Learning Activities – pioneering initiatives
  While remedial teaching ensures that personalised education is a reality at Vidyani, the other initiatives such as the Academic and Co-curricular Best Practices, V-THOT (Vidyani Teaching and Testing for Higher Order Thinking Skills) and V-EDAT (Vidyani Education, Design and Technology) Programmes, Drop Everything And Read (DEAR), External Competitive Examinations, Thematic Discussions, Peer Teaching Sessions and Symposiums, Value Added Courses and Workshops and Seminars, all contribute towards cultivating critical thinking skills and problem solving ability in students. In turn, these are invaluable aids in developing core competency and higher order thinking skills – vital attributes for scholastic success at the secondary level and beyond.

Over the years, Vidyanians have repeatedly proved their mettle not only in Board Examinations but also in competing for choice placements in preferred courses of higher study, including cracking the IIT-JEE and AIEEE. Our students are pursuing courses in premier institutions of the country and abroad in diverse subject areas as medicine, engineering, business studies, chartered accountancy, humanities, social sciences, and so on.