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Navrachana Vidyani Vidyalaya is a co-educational school, established by the Navrachana Education Society (NES) affiliated to the Gujarat Higher Secondary Education Board (GSEB), Gandhinagar, offering Pre-Primary, Primary, Secondary and Higher Secondary Education. The medium of instruction is English with adequate emphasis on the teaching of Hindi, Gujarati and Sanskrit.

While Navrachana Vidyani Vidyalaya has a progressive outlook, incorporating emerging trends in education into its curriculum, its ethos remains firmly rooted in Indian culture. Our students are encouraged and guided to grow up into confident, competent individuals with a strong value system deriving from their Indian upbringing.

It has always been our endeavour to ensure that our students are adequately equipped in today’s globalised context. In this direction, Navrachana Vidyani Vidyalaya, in anticipation of future trends has already incorporated into the teaching-learning programme the best of international trends in Education While the school continues to be affiliated to GSEB, the curriculum has incorporated the very latest in internationally accepted educational trends, yet suitable to our own Indian educational needs and system.

The Navrachana Education Society (NES) was established in 1965 to offer quality education to the Banyan city populace. Through education, shared experiences and community service, the Society facilities the development of students into responsible, socially and environmentally committed citizens, global. NES counts among its members’ eminent educationists, experienced administrators and distinguished philanthropists. With over four decades of proven experience, the Society has become synonymous with excellence in all spheres – academics, co-curricular activities and sports.

The Navrachana Emblem
The Navrachana emblem is inspired by the three leaves of the Peepul tree, also known as the Bodhi tree, under which Lord Buddha obtained enlightenment. The leaves signify the three vital facets of a human being’s development: mental, physical and emotional.

Below the icon is the logotype, Navrachana: ‘a new creation’. Navrachana embodies the indomitable spirit of an education system that renews and revitalized itself constantly in response to the changing needs of every new age.

The emblem symbolizes the School’s concern and commitment to provide the student a holistic education. Navrachana Vidyani Vidyalaya endeavours to provide a learning environment that will build, nurture and develop the trinity of faculties in every student, by creating varied opportunities for his/her growth.

“Transforming potentiality into reality”