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ANVVA –Association forNavrachanaVidyaniVidyalaya Alumni
Association forNavrachanaVidyaniVidyalaya Alumni(ANVVA)convened its Annual Alumni Meet with around 200 students on Januay4, 2014 wherein a date was set to stamp the Association with legal formality.

As a result, ANVVA was formally legalized on February 5, 2014 in the presence of the Governing Council and the Nomination Council, with Trustees Mr.Urvesh Desai andDr.Thakkar, Mrs.Rekha Mishra as President, Dr.SamipSheth as Student Vice-President and Mr.Milan Jain as Secretary,signing their initials on the legal document.

The Nominated Council with a tenure for two years, has six prominent members: Principal – Mrs.Rekha Mishra;Vice President – Mrs.SonalVerma;Co-ordinatingMember – Mrs.RintaChaudhuri;Treasurer –  Accounts Office ManagerMr.KiranChauhan;Student Members – KarnaDeshmukh as Treasurer and VivekPujara as Co-ordinatingMember.

Till date, over 400 ex-students from various parts ofIndiaand the worldhave registered with ANVVA.It is also proposed to have  Sub-committees with ex-students as Managers viz. The Social and Entertainment Committee managed by Mr.Sachin Bhatia, Sports Committee by Mr.Harsh Shah and the Academic Committee by Mr. JigneshKhatri.

The very first programme of the Association since its legal formalizationwas a series of friendlymatches between parents, alumni members and present students on March 29.ANVVA also proposes to holda workshop in Career Counseling for students of classes X, XI and XII at the beginning of the next academic year with other workshops in the direction of social welfare set to follow.

The ball has thus been set rolling and the future will witness many more events under the aegis of ANVVA – events that will strengthen the alumni’s bonds with their alma mater and also serve to fulfill their social responsibility.



March29, 2014.The first ever event of ANVA was organized with considerable zeal and enthusiasm. It was a sports fiesta consisting of Cricket, Volleyball and Basketball matches played out on theNavrachnaVidyaniVidyalayaplayground. Teams were divided on the basis of the 4 Houses that the alumni members had belonged to back in their schooldays.

The Event was formally initiatedwith a small but significant ceremonyand a brief introduction by Rinta ma’am. This was followed by the first toss by Rekha ma’am and distributions of House colour t-shirts to the players to further enhance theirHouse spirit. The programme commenced with a cricket match between Sankalp&Sahyogwith the crowd cheering for their respective Houses. The event rekindled the emotions of the alumni members towards their respective Houses and filled their hearts with nostalgia and a sense of belonging. PTA member parents were also part of the event and their participation had a significant impacton the final results. The matches werewitnessed by a number of present students too who rooted for their respective House teams.

The Results of the various matches was as follows:

Cricket Matches


Sannidhya v/s Sadbhavna

Won By : Sannidhya


Sahyog v/s Sankalp

Won By : Sahyog


Saniddhya v/s Sahyog

Winners: Sannidhya won by 4 runs

Volleyball Matches


Sadbhavna v/s Sannidhya

Won By : Sadbhavna


Sankalp v/s Sahyog

Won By : Sahyog


Sahyog v/s Sadbhavna

Winners: Sahyog won by 25 - 21

Basketball Match


Ex-Students v/s Present Students

Winners: Ex-Students

The emotional reunion of the ex-students, re-living school life, even if briefly,the thrill of the matches followed by a shared meal in the dining hall, made the event a complete success, setting the trend for organising more such ANVVA programmes in the future.

ANVVA Member